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The national government recently published new operating regulations for its strategy to Zero tuition fee who hopes to shelter him Young people of classes 1, 2 and 3 who are studying at state higher education institutions (HEIs).

It is a guide sent by the Ministry of Education in recent days to all government higher education institutions in the country; It specifies the requirements that must be met by students who wish to receive the benefit, as well as by the institutions, in order to be able to obtain the resources that allow them to guarantee the reward. Likewise, the steps that universities must follow to make the procedure effective are included.

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According to the ministry, it is expected that this year 700,000 students from 63 higher educational institutions in the country will be covered by the program, who will not have to pay their costs. teaching in these universities.

The student must be between 14 and 28 years old, and not have been enrolled in any program or doing a dual programme. You must also live in Layer 1, 2, and 3.

Each university will be responsible for direct management and verification of student fulfillment of requirements.

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“In order to ensure the sustainability of the policy, the Ministry will inform institutions of the largest possible number of students to benefit from, in accordance with the technical criteria for socio-economic vulnerability,” the Ministry of Education said.

This is the decree where you can learn about 63 universities:

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