Zapopan Bilingüe: The municipality offers scholarships for young people to study English

In order to promote English language learning, the Zapopan Government, in cooperation with the Proulex Language Center, has introduced the “Zapopan Bilingüe” scholarship programme.

This is the educational support promoted by the municipal government that will be allocated to Zapopan and Zapopan between the ages of eight and 25 who are interested in studying this foreign language, and which also seeks to enhance the skills of young people in entrepreneurship and self-employment.

“It is a great opportunity because this will allow them to open the door, it is a key to having another language. It is a key that makes it easier for them to get a job and, moreover, at a much higher level than they can find anywhere else,” said Juan Jose Frangi, Mayor of Zapopan. .

“Zapopan Bilingüe” is part of the municipality’s educational development strategy and joins programs such as “Beca Zapopan” and “Mi Estancia Zapopan” for the benefit of young people.

The General Coordinator for Economic Development and Combating Inequality, Salvador Villasinor, confirmed that this program is part of a unique initiative at the national level that will set Zapopan as a benchmark in promoting a second language.

With an investment of three million pesos, the Zapopan Municipal Government will provide a thousand scholarships annually for the next three years. Each of them consists of 100% assistance to each student to cover the total amount of the course at Proulex. This support will be provided according to the call and based on the requirements.

“The initiative is positive not only from an academic point of view, but also because of the social impact that this represents, since it targets the early ages at which it is, pedagogically, the most feasible for a linguistic area, whether second or second, said Prolix Director General, Edwin Bello Ramirez, “The third language can be learned more easily and effectively.”

The academic duration is nine months and includes all levels of education obtained by Proulex. Those interested can register on the page



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