Young people receive scholarships to attend prestigious universities – NBC Los Angeles

Three young Latinas who have excelled not only academically, but also personally, have been awarded full scholarships to prestigious universities in the United States. But most importantly, the girls are low-income students from different backgrounds, but paid for by the sacrifice of their parents.

Each girl will receive a paid scholarship to a four-year university. But both maintain that it was not easy at all; But at the cost of their parents’ sacrifice.

“I watched how [mis padres] They have sacrificed. They had to leave their country and their families behind, to give me and my brothers a better life. “Really, he taught me this honor what it means to sacrifice yourself for your family,” said Andrea Jerez Alvarez, a scholarship recipient.

“My parents did not know how to speak English when they came to this country, and it is difficult to find a job without education or speaking the language. I also had to learn English to help them,” said Karina Ajo, a scholarship recipient.

They come from different cultures and nationalities.

“We are from a small town in Santiago Matatlan in Oaxaca, Mexico,” said scholarship recipient Kimberly Hernandez.

Every day, more and more women are doing tasks that were previously reserved for men. Dunya Elvir spoke with such an outstanding woman that she received an invitation from countries such as England.

What united these young women was that education, which was the most important thing in their homes for excellence. Thanks to this motive, they received great satisfaction.

“I am going to the University of Notre Dame, which is in Indiana. I won the QuestBridge Scholarship,” said Kimberly Hernandez, a scholarship holder.

“In the future, I want to become a biomedical scientist in the hospital area, and I want to work with different doctors and help patients around the world,” Ajo added.

“It was about 11pm, and I got up and went to pick up my parents, and I told them, I caught them screaming. My mom started crying, they were so proud,” Jerez Alvarez said.

Bright Star School is one of those schools in South Los Angeles where there is one counselor for every 125 students, compared to one for every 600 students, the overall average, giving young adults the advantage of getting into high school.

“They all come from a low-income community, and here we help them get opportunities to go to school,” said Michael Escobar, a consultant at Bright Star.

Bright Star South Los Angeles graduates receive up to six years of postgraduate counseling, assistance that accompanies them during their college careers and when searching for a place to position themselves in the workplace.

“It was my advisor, Mr. Escobar, who helped me with my personal statement, helped me collect my personal data so that I could put together what I wanted to write about my personal history. Jerez Alvarez said he was always there to tell me ‘you can’.”

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