Young people from residential shelters in…

The study in College Forging a professional career is the project to which eight young people belong Residential reception centers (CAR) from the National Comprehensive Family Care Program (INABEV).

Thanks to their dedication and effort, Young I managed to reach financial support to College student who gives National Scholarship and Education Credit Program (Brunabec), using the mode hostel scholarship.

These are residents and former residents of Car Santo Domingo Savio (Tacna), San Jose (Arequipa), Ermelinda Carrera (gearand Saint Michael the Archangelgear), who are preparing with great optimism for this new stage in their lives that will allow them to achieve their career aspirations and help their families.

Elizabeth Almonte Pocaraone of the winners, will study Law at Tacna Private University; While Maoeleyne Ángela Ancco Tinageros and Lisbeth María Chile Sucasaca They will study Business Administration and Accounting, respectively, at the Universidad Católica San Pablo de Arequipa.

In the Peru University of Applied Sciences (UPC), seguirán estudios Lucía Esther Cisneros Ilave (Diseño y gestión en moda), Ana María García Barrientos (Psicología), María Giuliana Motta Romano (Derecho), Diana Quincho Taipe (Comunicación medio diosívisual Pigollís Interacted Pigoll) civil engineering).

In this regard, Sergio Tejada Galindo, Executive Director of INABIF, congratulated the young people for their important achievement and for being a catalyst for other CAR residents. “It is exciting to know that they have the opportunity to pursue higher education, which will help them change their lives and the lives of their families”He said.

Shelter Grant

The Shelter Grant It is one of the ways that the students In a state of poverty or extreme poverty, in a state of abandonment and/or Protected by the stateyou can access the Beca 18 program to study science and technology-related professions at universities and higher education institutes in the country and abroad.

The financial support Covers academic costs, study materials, English language instruction, qualifications and private medical insurance. Likewise, food, transportation, and housing expenses (if required), as well as giving a laptop computer to each scholarship recipient.

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