Young people building the future: How to register for the 5 thousand pesos scholarship

Young people build the futureis a social program of the Government of Mexico that aims to support people between the ages of 18 and 29 Who are not studying or working anywhere to help them in their profession by offering them training.

Young people interested in being part of the Youth Building Future program should know that registration is now open and, if selected, they will receive training for a period that can extend up to one year in their profession and will also receive a monthly support of 5 thousand 258 pesos.

What are the benefits provided by the Youth Program for Building the Future?

Interested young people between the ages of 18 and 29 can receive training for up to one year in their profession, and they will receive a total amount of 5 thousand 258 pesos per month. And while they are part of the social program, they will have medical illness insurance, maternity insurance, and insurance in the event of a hazard or accident at work.

How to register in the Future Building Youth Program?

The first thing that interested young people have to do is pre-register in the official platform Youth Building the Future which can be accessed by clicking here you must enter personal data and the system will help you to give you a username and password to continue the process.

After obtaining the username and password, you must re-enter the digital platform and enter again but with the username and then follow the following steps.

  • Ensure that the general data of the concerned party is correct
  • Attach the required documents such as: official ID, proof of address and photo with a QR code
  • The system will lose you to locate the address you are staying at
  • Finally, you will have to download a letter of commitment and a registration form

The next step in registration is to choose the training you want to apply to and then the duty station where you want to attend the training. The system will ask you to find and fill in both data.

  • Then you should contact the teacher or counselor to set an appointment and talk about the activities to be done.
  • It should be noted that the program highlights that the responsible teachers will conduct an assessment of the interested parties on a monthly basis with the aim of their continuation.
  • Once the application is accepted, the internship and monthly support period of 5,258 pesos will begin.

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