Young influencer to donate college scholarship in Bucaramanga

Oscar Olaf is a 26-year-old from Santander, who 7 years ago decided to use his social networks to carry out social work in Bucaramanga and the metropolitan area.

Today he is looking for an enterprising person who wants to move forward regardless of his age, to give him the chance of getting a 100% scholarship in his chosen profession to study at Universidad Tecnológica de Oriente.

“I hope to reward anyone of any age, with a scholarship in the profession of their choice at Universidad Tecnológica del Oriente, we are looking for a fighter from the city who really wants to take advantage of this opportunity and move forward,” he said. Oscar.

But the plans of this young man do not stop, as they later plan with the university to award four scholarships of 50%.

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“At a later time, we plan to offer 4 more scholarships to people who want to participate in our activities, and we will provide the details these days on social networks,” Oscar says.

Oscar story

Oscar is the only child raised by his mother, the head of the family, who had to fight alone to raise her son after his father was kidnapped and murdered in 2000.

According to Oscar, life was not easy at all after the death of his father because he was just a child and his mother was a housewife. Both of them had to go out on their own to face the world in search of a better future.

“My mum and I went to live in a room, we had a hard time and often there was not enough food for both of us, but she always managed to make me look good,” Oscar says.

Over time, in the life of Oscar and his mother, different people appeared who gave them a helping hand and helped them move forward.

“I worked on many things, they even gave her a manicure course, where she paid for her studies in primary and secondary school, in addition to my studies, it is funny because we studied on time.” Oscar remembers this moment with great joy and pride.

Observing the example of his mother and the help he received to move forward and have a better future, this young man decided to use his social networks to help others and for 7 years devoted himself to carrying out and promoting social work.

“During my experience, I’ve realized that oftentimes we just need a ‘little’ nudge to move on and start working so we don’t lack for anything again,” he says.

And that is how he took on this challenge of becoming an influencer, but with the goal of helping those who need it most.

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“Why am I so interested in helping others? This is because I was also in these circumstances of need, but thank God we had the support of people who allowed us to move forward, and just as I had this blessing, I feel compelled to help, just as they did with my mother.”

But Oscar’s plans do not stop, he dreams of being able to help more people across the country and among his plans is to travel to Bogota and grow his business.

“We have a very important project planned in Bogotá, it is a surprise at the moment, but I can tell you that with God’s help we will change the life of a person who has suffered so much, and we will do this hand in hand with a figure who has been nationally recognized for his work.”

For more information about the scholarships and projects Oscar promotes, go to his social networks, on Instagram as: oscarolave01 and on Facebook as: Oscar Olave.

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