You already registered? They have a thousand scholarships to learn English at the University of Pennsylvania

If one of your main goals is to end the year with better job prospects and definitely an advantage for personal growth One of thousands of scholarships to learn English With the University of Pennsylvania will help.

Through the Santander Scholarship Program, along with this Ivy League university, the call for English language skills program has been opened from thirteen countries who want to advance their career.

The scholarship offers the opportunity to take one of these three courses intended for people seeking to improve their level of English and Specialize in a specific area of ​​English:

  1. for professional development
  2. Business and Entrepreneurship
  3. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

These thousands of places are available to citizens of one of the following countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

This scholarship program for learning English consists of for 5 weeks It requires a basic to intermediate level of English; Because what you are looking for is to strengthen the language in some of the previously mentioned areas.

Among the goals specifically, the student will be able to improve their career while learning vocabulary and Improve your language skills.

The course is available online through a University of Pennsylvania platform that allows access to content independently but also Include simultaneous sessions with the teacher. The student’s commitment per week is to devote between 8 to 10 hours.

Content ranges from lectures, readings, discussion tips and comprehension checks. In fact, there will also be feedback on those activities with written and video feedback from world-renowned instructors on your assignments.

Upon completion, students who earn A grade point average of 70% or more will get a certificate From the University of Pennsylvania, indicating the number of program hours.

How do you apply for these scholarships to learn professional English?

  1. You must register on the Becas Santander platform before November 23 at this link
  2. Once you have completed the confirmation process, you must enter your details and complete the required information.
  3. Finally, you must apply to the program and once you submit the application, you will be able to receive a response in January 2022 on whether or not you have been selected.

to more information, You can access this link.

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