With the “Vamos Pa” Lante 2021″ campaign, 200 scholarships will be awarded in Cartagena | Global

More than 200 rescue scholarships will be awarded progressively to Bolivar Technological University students in the fifth semester and beyond. This is thanks to the solidarity of the donors for the “Vamos pa l’Ante 2021” campaign, whose main objective on this occasion was to reduce student abandonment for economic reasons linked to the pandemic.

For the first semester of 2022, 40 young people from various academic programs were selected as scholarship recipients, after they had applied for a call made by the university.

This was announced by UTB’s Director of Development, Alicia Pozzi, after making an overall balance of the campaign’s results, which were very positive and highly influential in promoting the Youth Lives Project.

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In this initiative, led by Universidad de los Andes and W Radio, with the support of Scotiabank Colpatria and Supertiendas Olímpica, the Technological University of Bolivar has participated for the third year in a row, this time the only institution in the Colombian Caribbean. Other universities that participated are EAFIT, ICESI, University of Ibagué, Autonomous University of Manizales and Autonomous University of Bucaramanga.

From last October to last December 24, the campaign was carried out, and the corresponding donations were realized.

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UTB has once again earned the support of companies and individuals committed to transforming lives through outstanding higher education.

“We want to thank and highlight the solidarity of the many local and national entrepreneurs who see higher education as a way to transform lives and who, with their contribution, make it possible for many young people to continue their studies so that they can become professionals contributing to their environment and to society,” confirmed Alicia Buzzi.

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