With DNI, check if you charge up to $10,700 for today’s program

Ministry of Education Contact with Payment schedule for April 2022 to Progressive Scholarshipswhich is delivered through the National Social Security Administration (answer). In parallel, the retirement agency continues with groups Universal Children’s Allowance (AUH)Pregnancy and retirement allowance.

Progressive Scholarships 2022

The current lines of the Progresar Scholarships are:

Progress requiredfor people studying primary or secondary school.
16 and 17 years olda line for teens that has been contemplated in advance of assignment.
advance higher, For college or university students.
– Nursing progressfor people studying nursing at the undergraduate or university level.
Progress of workFor people taking vocational training courses.

The Ministry of Education program continues with the opening of registration $6,400 to $10,700 to apply.

Progressive Scholarship Amounts

Progress addresses o linesCompulsory higher and advanced work They charge $6,400. In the meantime, those who receive the scholarship Nursing charge of From $6,400 to $10,700.

Include all amounts Additional $1000 to call, With the aim of enabling beneficiaries to pay the costs of connecting to the Internet.

Collection in April 2022

The Payment schedule for Progresar Scholarships for April 2022 is the following:

  • Documents ending in 0 and 1: Monday, April 11
  • Documents expired on 2 and 3: Tuesday 12 April
  • Documents completed on 4 and 5: Wednesday, April 13
  • Documents completed on 6 and 7: Monday, April 18
  • Documents completed on 8 and 9: Tuesday 19 April

Register for Progresar Scholarship Program 2022

Until April 30, registrations for the Progresar Scholarship 2022 continue for all lines, with the exception of Progresar Trabajo, which will run until November 30.

Follow the steps to register:

1. Go to https://becasprogresar.educacion.gob.ar/ using your username and password.
2. Select from the list “personal information”complete the information and click “Update Data”.
3. Then select the option “vote‘, complete the form and click on ‘Finish Questionnaire’.
4. Finally, in the “academic data You have chosen the scholarship line you wish to apply to. Complete the form and click “Registration ends.

Scholarships are offered for 16 and 17 years old

to apply to me progressive secondary scholarships, Which includes children between the ages of 16 and 17, some requirements must be met.

Mandatory application requirements:

  • be Argentine/national/or; Naturalized or alien, with two (2) years legal residence in the country and has a DNI number.
  • Be a regular student at an educational institution.
  • Be between 16 and 24 years old.
  • Extends up to age 35 for people with children under 18 who are from single-parent families.
  • There is no age limit for transgender people, indigenous people, people with disabilities, or refugees.
  • The income of the young person and that of his family group must not exceed three (3) minimum, vital and mobile (SMVM) salaries.

Find out the requirements for other fonts at the following link: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/educacion/progresar/requisitos.

Date and place of collection Anses: How do I know if I will continue to collect Progresar

– Check if you ship Progresar 16 and 17 at: https://becasprogresar.educacion.gob.ar/inicio_nivel_obligatorio.php.

You can also check the payment dates in answerby entering https://servicioswww.anses.gob.ar/dondecobrov2.

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