What to do to win a Fulbright scholarship and study in the United States

what a total 55 scholarships It is available to Colombians who have completed their undergraduate studies and wish to obtain a postgraduate degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) at a US university.

For this year, Fulbright Columbia’s support will focus on professionals who are committed, through an interdisciplinary approach, with the country’s current challenge: Elimination of Forests.

For this edition there are six programs in total:

One. Fulbright Minciencias PhD Scholarship (All info here)
two. Fulbright DPS Scholarship – Jovenes en Acción, for Master’s Degree (all information here)
3. Fulbright Mincultura Scholarships for Cultural Directors and Artists, for Master’s Degree (all information here)
four. Fulbright Scholarships for Communities of African Descent, for Masters or PhD degrees (all information here)
5. Fulbright Scholarship for Aboriginal Communities, Masters or PhD degree (all information here)
6. J. William Fulbright Master’s Degree Scholarship (All information here)

The exact benefits vary depending on the type of program you are applying to. However, in general, Scholarships cover: Academic expenses (registration and other university costs), support, round-trip tickets, orientation seminar, ASPE Basic Program, visa cost and processing, comprehensive accompaniment and monitoring.

Diana Pasto Castro, Fulbright Columbia Executive Director, gave EL COLOMBIANO Some specific recommendations To bring your application closer to success.

1. Think about whether Fulbright scholarships are right for you
“The most important thing is to decide if you want a master’s or doctorate degree. Then check if you qualify for any of the six programs that make up the call, whether you belong to a particular population and if you have a special interest in the environment, climate change or deforestation .

2. For letters of recommendation, an important point

“It is very important that those recommended know the person applying very well, but this knowledge must be academic or professional. We do not recommend writing a letter of recommendation by an aunt, brother, cousin or friend. What we want to see here is that the candidate He effectively has the necessary skills and abilities to pursue a study program in the United States.”

3. How to Create a Resume and Essay

“With these two documents, what we want is to get to know the candidate, understand his motivation, learn about his history, themes of his research and field of professional development. This is very important, what we are looking for are agents of change, people committed to the social transformation of their communities and territories. In Our YouTube channel There are some very clear resources that provide guidance for writing and organizing each of these texts.”

During the interviews (which are conducted with the candidates with the highest scores), the assessors analyze their leadership abilities, their motivations, the impact they want to make on societies, their maturity and adaptability.

Finally, scholarship holders are selected through a system Academic and professional benefits.

The scholarships are jointly funded by the US Department of State and the Government of Colombia: US Embassy in Colombia, Colombia’s Department of Science, Technology and Innovation, Department of Social Prosperity (DPS), Department of Culture, Department of National Education and ICETEX.

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