What they are, when they are charged and how to check the status

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training I started to solve some situation MEC Scholarships. This was reported by some students on their Twitter accounts. However, others assert that there is still no news of this general aid for the study. For those who do not know what MEC scholarships consist of, it is an economic contribution for people who have Enrolled in the academic year 2021-2022. This type of assistance rewards students’ benefits while prioritizing their needs. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training also takes into account people who have completed their studies: it provides grants to researchers to help them financially to implement their projects.

Back to the topic under discussion. Many students already have He knows the state of his unit And they were happy or not. When referring to your MEC scholarship status, it is necessary to go to the online office of the Ministry of Vocational Education and Training. University students who have applied for the scholarship must Enter your username and password in this link. For their part, non-undergraduate students should do so through this website. Both sites allow access to the state of the action through Cl@ve to make it faster. However, if there is any change in our scholarship status, we will receive a notification in our email. in this way, It is important to check your MEC scholarship status from time to time. In fact, if several weeks have passed and your scholarship is still “in the process of being processed by your county/university administration body”, it is very likely that you have been asked for documentation.

To check notifications. You should go to My Notifications and check if you have any messages to open notifying you of the documents they need. They can also express to you the reason for the refusal and the exact term for filing the claims with your county or university administrative body.

What happened in Andalusia with the MEC scholarships?

fact, It is very important to always check that the amount allocated to you corresponds to the documents submitted. In the event that your application is rejected and you verify that it does not really respond to the documents you have submitted, it is important to file a claim at the MEC Scholarships Online Office.

This is what many applicants did in Andalusia. On February 2, several users complained that the decision appeared to be rejected “to objectively justify income below the level of family unit expenditures”. However, a few days later, post-compulsory studies students received an SMS from the Ministry of Education stating that “due to a computer accident,” the scholarship denial status was amended without the need to make allegations, according to several Twitter users.

What are MEC Scholarships?

MEC scholarships are aimed at baccalaureate students, basic, intermediate and higher vocational training; University education for bachelor’s and master’s degrees and technical education: vocational and higher. Also language teaching in formal schools (including the distance method), sports teaching or higher religious studies.

Students taking university entrance courses over 25 years of age (taught by public universities) or access and preparation courses for vocational training access tests and specific access courses for middle and higher education, which are taught in public and private subsidized centers, can also The beneficiaries of this study are from the Ministry of Education. At the same time, these scholarships are also offered to people with disabilities, high ability, severe conduct disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and severe communication and language disorder.

This year, in addition, they have great novelties. The budget for these scholarships has been increased 128 million euros more than last year. In the 2021-2022 academic year, 2,000 million euros will be distributed, a figure that the ministry calculates will benefit 390,000 university students and 460,000 non-university students. Thus, the ministry has also increased scholarships for vocational training students by increasing the fixed portion by an additional 50 euros, an increase that puts the figure at 350 euros. This year, students with severe communication and language disorders will also be eligible for these scholarships.

However, as in all aids, MEC scholarships have certain requirementsOn the public and financial fronts. The prescribed provisions are as follows:

Besides them, there are also some academic requirements that depend on each study and each specific degree, such as grade point average, not repeating the current course and passing minimum credits. Some economic requirements are also set, such as exceeding certain income limits or thresholds, net returns on transferred capital as well as capital gains for the family unit greater than €1,700 during 2020, exceeding areal values ​​of various reals. Real estate of the usual place of residence or if the income from economic activities or participation in entities exceeds 155,500 euros during the year 2020.

When do they receive money from the MEC scholarship?

You know when to order it but not when it reaches your bank account. The Ministry of Education has a period of six months to analyze each application for MEC scholarships. The fixed amount is usually resolved between December and April. This quantity It is entered within a maximum period of 45 days, while The last scholarships are usually paid out at the end of Mayaccording to a specialized web portal.

As of now, the scholarships are still in the processing stage.

How much does a MEC scholarship cost?

To calculate how much money will suit you from the MEC scholarship, it is necessary to know how it works, which is stipulated in the State Gazette which includes Middle East College Scholarships website. in the first place, This auxiliary study consists of two parts: one is fixed and the other is variable. The The fixed part varies according to the type of study Which student is enrolled in:

  • to FP, high school and other non-university studies About 300 euros. However, family income support is added to this figure, which can reach 1,700 euros. You can also add 1,600 euros for a change of residence during the academic year and between 50 and 125 euros for academic excellence.
  • to College student The amount of credits for those who register for the first time will be taken into account. For VET, baccalaureate and other non-university studies, students going to university may receive up to €1,700 for family income, €1,600 for a change of residence during the academic year and €50 to €125 for academic excellence. In the case of studying at a private university, the scholarship covers only the price set by the Autonomous Community.
  • The Help for students with special needs Educational support depends on the group and specific need: up to €862 for tuition, up to €617 for intercity transport, up to €574 for a school canteen, up to €1795 for school accommodation, up to €442 for weekend transport, €308 For urban transport, between 105 and 204 euros for books and school supplies, up to 913 euros for educational re-education and the same amount for language re-education. At the same time, they also offer subsidies for large families and specific programs of €913 for highly capable students.

Finally, the The variable portion is calculated once the fixed portion is distributed to all scholarships. This way, the remainder of the total budget is distributed taking into account your grade point average, your family’s income, and the profile. The minimum amount will be 60.00 euros.

What do we do if the MEC scholarship is denied?

Although the decision of the MEC scholarship is still unknown, it is important to know what to do if our application is rejected or We do not agree with the amount received and want to file a claim with the Ministry of Education. In these cases, it can be Submit a claim at the MEC Scholarships e-office. This must be done within 10 working days of receiving the decision via a document containing the following sections:

  • Data of the applicant (the student, i.e. the person to whom the scholarship or grant is intended).
  • The main breadwinner of the family. It can be the student himself, but most commonly the father, mother, or legal guardian.
  • Data related to the family home.
  • Information about the educational center.
  • the reason of refuse. If the scholarship is proposed for rejection, we will put here the reason for our notification.
  • Amounts awarded. We’ll flag it if we actually get an amount and we don’t agree with it.
  • Department to expose our allegations.
  • Documents submitted: We will list all those documents that we provide. It is very important to document everything we claim.
  • Finally, there is a box that will be stamped and handed over to us as proof of delivery if we leave it on record. If it is delivered to the post office, the shipping receipt will serve as proof.

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