What scholarships do you offer, requirements and who can apply for them

To do this, you must go to the Public Institution for Higher Education and request that your academic information be uploaded to your school file.

Then you must enter the “School Information” section of your SUBES profile. By choosing only one card and before activating it, check the correctness of the following data or request its modification from IPES.

If you have already activated it and detect any irregularity, you can go back and press the button “Deactivate tab” As long as you have not applied for a scholarship with this new record. Once deactivated, you can go to your educational institution to request that your information be updated or corrected.

Remember that once you activate your card and start registering your scholarship application, you accept its content in accordance and cannot be modified until the next academic year.

If you have already confirmed your information, enter the code and click “activation.”

After activating the tab, enter the section “Application” to choose Apply for a scholarship Complete the information. when you finish Protect The Acknowledgment containing the paper number And wait for the results.

How to apply for a scholarship

1. You must login a https://subes.becasbenitojuarez.gob.mx/ and click “Register here”.
two. Investigation: Comprehensive Privacy Notice.
3. Completed: the following information:

  • Personal email (if you have more than one email, record the email you use often)
  • Create a password and keep it in a safe place and don’t share it with anyone
  • Get a captcha code
  • Press the record button

4. Check: If the warning appears “TU CURP is already registered with this email address”

When you complete these steps, you will be already registered So your account is Energetic, Who will be shown in the section “Application” The Scholarships available.

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