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There is a variety of Money and economic aid Students can use it to complete or continue their studies without any inconvenience.

Scholarships can mean a solution when studying, especially if you do not have enough resources to fund a college career.

There are no scholarships just for undergraduate study: offers extend to other academic levels of higher education such as postgraduate, masters and doctoral studies.

Among the general requirements for obtaining one of these benefits, you must be Colombian, have good results in the SABER 11 exams (at least 50 points in all areas), have a minimum acceptable average or have a good knowledge of the English language.

Keep in mind that each scholarship has its own requirements and specifications that, if successful, will make you an excellent candidate.

That’s why below you will find a list of scholarships that Available in Colombia And what you need to do to get to it.

Review the requirements for each of the scholarships on their website.

BE . grants

SER Scholarships (Sector, Business, Regional), is a joint strategy of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education Institutions, Dian and the National Council for Tax Benefits, which seeks to encourage access and permanence of people from classes 1, 2 and 3 up to higher education.

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To access the feature, you must consult the Scholarship Bank of the Ministry of Education. You have to decide which scholarship program you prefer and contact the institution or university to carry out the necessary procedures.

The whole process must be carried out directly With the institution defining the requirements and criteria for awarding the scholarship.

More than 12 institutions in Bogotá are part of the alliance, as well as others in Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Atlantico, Meta and Bolivar.

You can consult the institutions and scholarship eligibility in detail on the website of the Ministry of Education, depending on the region in which you want to apply. The dates are updated from time to time.


This program has an alliance with universities in Bogota, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Atlantico, Meta and Bolivar.

Indigenous Scholarship

Many organizations and universities offer scholarships to indigenous youth who have a Excellent academic record They are interested in conducting postgraduate studies in the best universities in the country or abroad.

The National University of Colombia, Universidad del Rosario, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali, Fulbright Scholarships for Indigenous Leaders and ICETEX Indigenous Communities Management Fund are the main institutions offering various benefits.

be economic aid It targets those who belong to indigenous communities and are registered in the census bases of the Directorate of Indigenous Affairs, ROM and Minorities of the Ministry of the Interior.

You can start the application process by going to the website of each of the mentioned institutions. In most cases you can apply online.


These programs benefit young people who belong to indigenous groups.

Scholarships for foreigners

Other scholarship opportunities offered by the Colombian government, through ICETEX, are aimed at foreign nationals interested in completing their undergraduate studies at one of the best universities in the country.

The program covers 100% of the tuition fee, plus health policy, monetary support for books and materials, monthly maintenance assistance, free visitor visa and other benefits so that 50 foreigners Achieve your goal in conducting your postgraduate studies.

As a prerequisite, you must not be a Colombian citizen. You can apply and check all requirements on the ICETEX portal.


Foreigners will also have the opportunity to study in Colombia.

Colombia Scholarships

The programs of the Grupo Bancolombia Foundation seek to award scholarships to young people of classes 1, 2 and 3 in rural Colombian areas.

There are three calls
: Generation 50, alliance with Yvette University and La Sabana University.

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The Bancolombia website notes that, for the time being, “538 young people are studying with the support of the Foundation and the goal is to award scholarships to an additional 391 rural youth by 2025“.

These programs fund and support students who are pursuing studies in higher education or want to start soon, and fund up to 100% of their tuition fees.

Each call has its own application requirements: a minimum average of 3.8 is required to enter and 3.5 to remain in the program.

You can consult the details on the Fundación Grupo Bancolombia website and see the following registration opening dates.


You can apply to the call by default.

Nicanor Restrepo Santamaria Scholarship

This is the program created by the General Assembly of Shareholders of Grupo SURA, in 2015, which gives the opportunity to access the address of University or graduate in Social, Economic, and Human Sciences at accredited universities in Colombia.

It targets people of socioeconomic level 1,2,3 or 4, whether they are Colombians or foreigners residing in Colombia. It can cover up to 100% of the cost of education and a percentage of maintenance.

The call is opened every year. Hence, if you want to apply, you should be aware of the dates for 2022, roughly from June.

You can apply virtually on the Fundación Sura website.


You should be attentive to the opening call for scholarships.

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