What is the new entrance test for teacher training?

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology is redefining the presidential goal regarding teacher training To excel and evaluate the implementation of a new entrance test for the educational profession, in its context and adaptation to the Dominican reality.

Currently being accepted into the training program teachers of excellence The Academic Orientation and Measurement (POMA) test and the Academic Aptitude Test (PAA) are applied as a requirement to study education.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Evarista Mathiasexplained to free magazine Those in the process of preparing for a new entrance test will be prepared by a panel, with the advice of Chilean expert Lorena Mix, a psychologist from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a master’s degree in assessment from the University of London Institute of Education.

Committee members are experts in the preparation of evidence: Carlos Ruiz Matuk, Marcia Jimenyan and Ricardo Winter. Commission can be increased.

“The educational charter states that it is mandatory to apply a standardized test for admission to teacher training that includes knowledge, aptitude and profession and we will take two tests, one of which is the POMA test and the other will be adapted to the national standard context”Matthias said.

When asked if the PAA test will be abolished as a condition for studying education and implementing the new test that is being developed, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education said: “I don’t want to talk about substitution, but this is a policy that should be at the national level” the Council of Higher Education (Conesyt) will decide and not me “.

The decision to develop a new test for admission to the teaching profession is part of the recommendations made by the special commission formed to assess the presidential goal “teacher training Privilege of the Dominican Republic “which was the result of a process of educational reforms, with the aim of improving the quality of education that citizens would receive in the future and which has now acquired the character of public policy.

Consider other tests that measure intelligence, calling, and personality. It is not limited to POMA and PAA examinations, but rather a structured interview assessment as an admission criterion, preferably face-to-face by the admissions committee and organized in the regional offices of the Ministry of Education.

Another requirement is that the candidates must participate in the coexistence experience with observers to assess their performance.

a lot of commissions

The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Evarista Matthias, chairs the committee that is preparing the new teacher training policy. The other members are Jose A. Hazem, and Jose A. Aibar, Emma Polanco, Dean of the Union of Arab and Democratic States; Ricardo Winter and Norris Gonzalez, from Isvodousso. Also, Deputy Minister of Education, Legia Pérez Peña, Sheila Valera, Maria Elena Cruz, Jose Ramon Holguín, Antonio Caparros, Executive Director of INICIA; Francisco Ramirez, from Inafocam; Denora Garcia Romero from Boveda. Samuel Conde, from Educa; Luis Cheker Ortiz of the Academy of Sciences, and Baltasar Gonzalez, Mescyt Chancellor and Deputy Ministers of that institution, Genaro Rodríguez and Juan Francisco Viloria.

as rated Regulations 09-15approved in December 2015, obliging higher education institutions to ensure the skills of future teachers in pedagogical fields, curricula and school management.

It has been shown that the portrayed teacher profile must be redefined for current and future exercise and the introduction of occupational admission tests weighted by criteria similar to those of cognitive tests.

analysis Regulation 09-15 It was also implemented with the purpose of responding to the difficulties facing higher education institutions through its implementation and the committee recommended reviewing it to identify the correct aspects and those that require adaptation in line with the National Charter for Education Reform, with the National Union. Development strategy with policy design teacher training Comprehensive, quality and fairness.

More recommendations

The commissioners recommended and the Higher Education Council approved the structuring of a national system for teacher training Dominican Republic (Sinafodord) to design processes and regulations related to the operation of the system.

Suggestion to enter the training program teachers of excellence In the national scholarship system, diagnose the economic reality of applicants for a position and determine the amount of the scholarship according to the status of the student, so that vulnerable groups can devote themselves to study.

Likewise, it is suggested to maintain economic incentives to attract talented students to the teaching profession, ensuring their continuity of study and quality of education. teacher training. In the event of desertion, without just cause, it is established that the grant holder must return what the state has invested up to the moment of the resignation.

Study plans

Rework a new paradigm teacher training It includes current pedagogical currents that are adapted to the real needs of teacher training in the country.

Strategies that awaken the capacity for inquiry, scientific curiosity, logical, analytical, critical and creative thinking will be incorporated.

They will demonstrate that teaching practices take place from the earliest academic periods accompanied by a teacher coach and host to provide the student with experience.

Likewise, protocols to accompany, supervise and evaluate teaching practices, which include a process monitoring and evaluation system, will be designed to ensure quality and compliance with regulations guiding internships.

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