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Last Saturday, February 26, the President of the Republic announced Peter’s CastleActivation request Democratic Charter subordinate Organization of American States (OAS) To give peace of mind to the country.

This request was made after knowing businesswoman Carlem Lopez Embraced effective cooperation In his testimony before the Public Prosecution, he implicated him in alleged acts of corruption with state ministers.

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I invite the Peruvian people and the international community Until we activate once and for all the Democratic Charter (of the Organization of American States) to give peace of mind to the people of Peru. We have to respect democracy, from the jurisdiction of this peoplethe president indicated during an activity in Madre de Dios.

Lopez accepted an effective cooperation process with the Attorney General’s Office for money laundering and referred to a mafia gang within the government of Pedro Castillo. Learn more about what he said.

What is the Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States?

The Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States It is the affirmation that democracy must be the form of government common to the peoples of the Americas and that it constitutes a collective commitment to Preserving and strengthening the democratic system in the region. Article 1 states that “The peoples of the Americas have the right to democracy and their governments have a duty to promote and defend it.According to the information received from the portal OAS.

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Similarly, Castillo noted thatI will transparently review the contracts signed with some companieswhich will allow The Ministry of Economy and Finance It has more resources to guide them to improve the health and care of farmers and children.

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“however, There is a small group unimaginably defeated by the peopleIt is not imagined that there would be a peasant or a teacher in the palace. yesThey want to overthrow the government because it shows signs of transparency And it reaches every corner of the country with the Council of Ministers.”claimed.

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