What is the cost of studying at Harvard?

Every time Harvard is talked about, it is hard not to think of this university as one of the best universities in the world and from which great personalities such as former US Presidents Barack Obama, George Bush, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and former Vice President Al Gore, or Presidents Meta executives Mark Zuckemberg and Microsoft executives Bill Gates.

This was – for sure – the dream place for many people in the world to study too Law, business or medicine, the disciplines this university is famous for Or any other alternative among the 50+ professional alternatives it offers. However, entry is very difficult, with it is said that only five out of every 100 applications for admission are approved.

This prestigious university, one of the oldest in the United States, is located on the east coast of the United States, in Cambridge (Massachusetts), just outside of Boston. A curious fact about this higher education center is that its library has one of the largest collections of private books in the world.

Within its selection process, various aspects are taken into consideration, such as Submit a letter of recommendation from a mentor, Report on extracurricular activities, good command of spoken and written English, and demonstration of leadership skills.

Similarly, when talking about what to pay to study there, the calculation begins with the admission application form which costs $75, which is more or less about 280,000 Colombian pesos and can be obtained in the admissions section of the official page of this university.

after this The entrance examination must be taken for which applicants have a little more than three hours To solve and assess basic knowledge areas such as mathematics, reading and writing. This is followed by an interview with one of the process supervisors, where some topics of social interest, not just academic issues, will be discussed.

Academic year costs

Now, in the event of success and admission to Harvard University, the next thing will be to pay the tuition fee, which is 51,904 dollars, which is about 195 million pesos.

The following values ​​should also be canceled or taken into account:

* health insurance – $5,282 (19,883,243 Colombian Pesos).

* Rental of services and foodstuffs – $21,000 (79.051,140 Colombian pesos).

* Books and supplies – $900 (3,387,906 Colombian pesos).

* Personal fees – Approx 4200 dollars (15810,228 Colombian pesos).

* Annual transfer – About $1,400 (5,270,076 Colombian Pesos).

We should also keep in mind the value of the federal loan fee, which is currently $216 (Colombian pesos 813,000). In this way the value of an academic year (which counts as nine months) at this university entails an approximate investment of $85,000, Which translates to about 320 million pesos.

From 2017 to 2021, Harvard University was ranked third in the list of the best universities in the world. Likewise, by 2022, it will be in position number five, according to data from classification Powered by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) portal.

They offer scholarships to Colombians to study at Harvard University and other world-class universities

The Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has announced that registration has been open since April 5 for those wishing to obtain scholarships at recognized international universities.

At present, there is a strong demand for labor for professionals in jobs related to new technologies, which the government has ordered 24,000 million pesos investment in education for Colombians interested in studying related master’s degrees.

Those interested should go to the official Icetex page and create a user to proceed with the process. Next to, It should be borne in mind that as the scholarships are for foreign countries, the price should be a maximum of $78,000.

It should also be taken into account that they are universities listed in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking) or the CWTS Leiden 2021 Ranking, among others.

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