What are the application requirements?

Santander Bankthrough the Universities of Santander, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Education an offer 400 scholarships To deepen the knowledge and use of innovative emerging technological tools that are most in demand in companies. In the end, they give an accreditation certificate stamped by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

These courses are based on the e-learning methodology, last about 70 hours and are available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Training is designed and delivered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Educationa global organization committed to developing innovative leaders ready to tackle complex problems around the world.

As noted Javier RoglaGlobal Director of Santander Universities, “We are working to strengthen our commitment to higher education to open the doors to the job market. These scholarships offered alongside a distinguished international partner such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Career Education are proof of that.”

“The job market has become digital, so there is a growing demand for professionals with digital skills and thanks to these scholarships they will gain this knowledge.”

They offer scholarships to delve deeper into the technological tools that companies are in high demand. Image: file.

“The shortage of people with digital technology skills means that thousands of jobs that require such training may remain vacant. Our mission is to provide knowledge to professionals from around the world, so that they can develop the skills needed to firmly lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Bhaskar pantExecutive Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Professional Education.

Most of these courses No prior knowledge required A specific occupation or professional associated with technological or digital jobs.

What are the five exercises that you offer?

Applicants can choose from five courses designed by MIT professors. They last between 8 and 9 weeks and are dictated online.

1) Digital transformation: technologies and their practical applications. This course provides knowledge of the five technologies that are transforming business in this digital age: blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity. Participants will delve into these technologies and learn about the challenges companies face when implementing them. No prior technical experience is required to take this course.

2) Machine learning: technology in decision-making. This course offers participants a broad view of machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – to improve operational decision-making processes. It is intended for people with a technical background or who have some knowledge of these technologies.

3) Designing Effective Solutions Using MITdesignX: An Approach. In this course, participants will learn concepts and tools that will help them when designing a product or service to address current problems.

Participants can bring their own problem to develop a solution or they can use the thinking process to identify a problem to solve. No training or technical experience required for this course.

There are 400 positions in the 5 different courses Santander offers with MIT Vocational Education.  Image: file.

There are 400 positions in the 5 different courses Santander offers with MIT Vocational Education. Image: file.

4) Product family management: from strategy to implementation. This course examines the concept of product groups and platforms – key to modern industrial processes – and how they can increase cost savings and increase diversity.

Participants will explore the current trend of mass production and personalization while learning how to strategically position products, systems, and services in an ever-competitive marketplace. No training or technical experience required for this course.

5) Technology Development Department. Fierce competition is an integral part of the business world in the digital age, forcing organizations to innovate and develop at lightning speed to stay ahead. This environment requires leaders who constantly adapt, learn and understand that technology is key to leading their organizations toward a more prosperous and interconnected reality.

Participants will explore technology roadmaps prior to developing their own and learn how to make more effective technology implementation decisions, helping to shape research and development portfolios. This course is designed for individuals with a technical background or related experience.

At the end of training a Certificate of participation In the course if they complete it and carry out 80% of the tasks and activities proposed during the course. The assessment criteria for certification will be based on assessment based on assignments, deliverables, and self-assessments.

Who can access the scholarships?

The Requirements Candidates for admission must meet the following:

  • Become a user of the Becas Santander platform (www.becas-santander.com) and register for the corresponding call.
  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • You have citizenship or residence in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom or Uruguay.
Courses start on February 28, 2022. Photo: File.

Courses start on February 28, 2022. Photo: File.

How to apply?

  • Candidates must fill out the program application form on the platform www.becas-santander.com
  • After registering with Becas Santander, they will receive an email confirmation with a link to take a Global Graduate Knowledge and Skills Assessment Test.
  • The deadline to take the exam is January 11, 2022 at 11 PM.
  • MIT Professional Education will evaluate the results obtained in the assessment and will invite the best performing candidates to participate in the second phase of the selection process.

What does the second stage consist of? Candidates will be required to submit the appropriate documents, as well as a letter of motivation and a CV.

In this way, MIT will make the final selection taking into account the results obtained during the examination, review of the submitted documents and the motivation of the candidates.

So when is there time to register?

Registration began on October 5 and Expires on January 10, 2022. The evaluation will take place from January 10-18, 2022. The results will be announced on January 19.

The course starts on February 28.


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