We won the Scholarship for Note-Taking in Humanities at Unsam

We humanities students were able to stop a scholarship cut. On this Monday, April 11, thanks to massive student engagement to demand the scholarship to be reinstated, the authorities had to announce that it was reopening.

It happens that as soon as we start the face-to-face course, we find ourselves with the scholarship canceled for taking notes for the first year. With the copier priced at $10 a copy and the first-year unit up to $2,100, many colleagues have to work hard to buy it so they aren’t being pushed to read from their cell phones.

In this sense, we have prepared a draft resolution for presentation at the school board with the Student Counsellor at La Caldera and to give it strength, we have promoted a petition in each session to get students involved, achieving 581 signatures.

Presenting the draft and signatures at the school board on March 20, the authorities argued that “there is a complicated budget situation”, despite voting in favor of it, knowing that it is designed to reshuffle the government and the International Monetary Fund.

That’s why we answered that we should demand more budget, and at the same time give a very specific answer on how to fund the grant, from the 60 million pesos that the school generates from diplomas and fee-based courses in sex education, therapeutic companion, video calling, university professors , Languages ​​(nightly), among 55 offers. We even point out that literally 20 million of these resources are dedicated to an item called “other expenses”, which no one knows about. With this data on the table, the authorities promised to prepare a report on scholarships for the next meeting.

As the days passed we spread these arguments among the students and finally it was reported that the scholarship was reopening.

The fight pays off

This is an achievement thanks to the participation and organization of students against the adaptation of the government and the authorities. This is the key to countering the demands that we have, unlike the leadership of the Student Center (La Marti Patria Grande and the MUI Communist Party) that has not moved because it belongs to the political space of the government and the authorities, to abandon the defense of students’ rights. Grabbing the scholarship for the cut shows that the state student center no longer exists.

Now we have the challenge of expanding the Notes Scholarship for each year. It cannot be by progressing in the race that we are denied the scholarship for feedback. Sophomores, juniors and other students also suffer from low wages and high rates of inflation.

In this sense, we will deepen student organization by inviting them to participate in a referendum with ballot papers and ballot boxes in the entrance hall where hundreds of students vote before the seven members of the school board if we are. In favor of expanding the scope of the note grant to all years and increasing the amount. We are in the process of making a great proclamation and mandate for the next School Board.

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