“We show the world that Ibagué is the musical capital of Colombia”: Mayor Hurtado

Mayor Andres Hurtado presented the balance and results of his recent trips to Panama and Europe. we tell you 👇

Through a video posted on social networks, the mayor of Ibague, Andres Hurtado, gave an account of his recent trips to Panama and Europe.

The president explained what the results of his controversial trips would be.


He first referred to the trip to Panama City, which took place in the last week of March. There, the main result will be the possibility Open an international route from Perales Airport to be: Ibagué – Bucaramanga – Panama City.

“We met the Colombian ambassador to Panama, Eduardo Burgos, and with him,” he added We have set a communication agenda, to achieve with Copa Airlines, allowing us to internationalize our Perales airport, as well as with businessmen from the city “Hurtado explained.

At the same time, he said, the ExpoComer exhibition, which was also held in Panama City, allowed him to conclude business agreements with a millionaire with businessmen who were accompanied by the mayor himself.


On the other hand, the president of Ibagueres emphasized that the trip to Budapest, Hungary, left three important results for Ibague.

• University scholarships in the fields of hydraulics and environmental sustainability. An agreement will be concluded between Icetex and the Colombian Embassy in Hungary to bring young people from Ibague to study in this European country.

• Trade agreements for the export of Ibague products such as coffee, cape grapes, jojoba and granadilla.

• Participation in the Budapest Rhythm Festival, to which Ibagy was invited as the capital of American culture.

“Our city is already shown on the world map, you already know that Ibagué is the musical capital of Colombia. We have shown the Panopticon that transforms them from a prison into a great cultural center. This is what attracts many cities and we hope you will visit us in the context of the Colombian Folklore Festival.”

El Cronista.co gathered citizen demonstrations demanding tangible results for Mayor Hurtado’s controversial trip. Now, this same citizen hopes this report won’t be a hymn to science and that’s why strict follow-up is necessary.

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