Want to study? This university offers 100% scholarships

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(CRHoy.com) Until April 5, you have the possibility to apply for a scholarship from 100% in the profession of your choice at the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT).

To apply for this scholarship, those interested must submit a letter presenting their application, along with three letters of recommendation from the authorities that can ensure that the applicant has personal, professional and leadership qualities and 85% of their grades were obtained in the last year of college or university.

The letter should be at least one page in length, explaining why you consider yourself worthy of the scholarship and providing evidence of leadership, service, and talent.

Interested persons should send their applications by mail. [email protected] Or WhatsApp: 8850-7878.

Those selected will be able to start their careers from the second quarter of the year, which It will start on May 23 of this year.

Among the applicants, artists are sought, experienced and who dominate musical instruments, singers with theatrical ease, persons interested in the protection of civil and political rights, the promotion and protection of economic, social and cultural rights, students with expertise in graphic design, speech or version, among others other.

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