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Daniel Zarate is a young man from Colombia whose story surprised Social media. At just 22 years old, he decided to give up his university studies because he felt dissatisfied with the traditional educational model. After that, he started his own business and now earns between 5 thousand and 13 thousand dollars per month.

The 22-year-old told El Tiempo that although he loves to learn, he does not agree with the educational model of schedules, grading and handing in assignments at certain times or days. He says that when he studied his grades were good even though he did not attend classes.

When he left school, he did not immediately think about studying at the university, which is what most people at his age aspire to.

Daniel remembers that his mother, at the time, was unable to pay his tuition and he didn’t want to make an effort to pay for it either. “However, I searched for scholarships but nothing fit. They were all for minorities or people with certain requirements for excellence that he did not have. I was not a good fit for any of them.”he is referring to.

Faced with the impossibility of paying for a degree, he decided to study French while his friends attended the most prestigious institutions. It was so, in 2018, Social pressure pushed him to enter university.

Thanks to the loan, Zarat began to study marketing at the University of Medellin. Although he had completed an entire semester, he was still not satisfied with the educational model. “It turns out I’m already learning things, I wouldn’t say no, but I was repeating what I saw in school, so I asked myself again”.

The pandemic arrived and made things more complicated, but then, thanks to the help Paula Ferrerher partner, stumbled upon an internet app called hot martA marketing and distribution platform for digital products.

Through this site, the couple sell products like e-books, audiobooks, and video courses in a huge way that they get a commission for. Although it was complicated at first, they managed to understand how the system worked and got such good results that they decided to drop out of studies to devote 100% of their time to it.

Thanks to the income they generate, which ranges from From 5 thousand to 13 thousand dollars per monthThey were able to move, invest, save, and even help their families with the economy of their homes.

Promote their brand through their social networks I visited methrough which they learn to obtain an experience similar to their own.

After telling his story, Daniel confirmed that Different ways to educate. “I consider that there are different ways of studying and learning and I believe that in many cases the university has remained in theory and that is where the practice is in the end. He maintains that the methodology must change to teach from experience.”

He adds that his story is not “the story of the boy who stopped studying and is now winning. I continue to study, but not at university.”

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