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The scholarship campaign is going forward this year, the application period ends May 12

The Department of Youth, through the Center for Youth Information (CIJ), provides, as every year, the advisory service for the application for scholarships and study aid for the academic year 2022-2023.

This was pointed out by the District Counsellor, Juan Jose Calero, stressing that it is a very important service performed by CIJ technicians, to help young people who wish to apply for a scholarship for their studies, in the processing. For the application submitted online, as well as in its subsequent follow-up and even when any type of claim is submitted, after the decision of the Ministry.

This service is offered at the Youth Center on Calle Postigos Altos, number 20, and to access it, an appointment must be made by calling 967 14 30 14.

In addition, the consultant notes that it is a much-needed service since 2021, with technicians attending more than 600 young people from the city and region, and this is a reference center for cities like San Clemente, Provencio or Streams.

For his part, the CIJ technician, Sebastián Brazález, points out that the most important new thing this year is the advancement of the scholarship campaign that was usually carried out during the month of August.

That is why you confirm that the term ends on May 12 and that anyone who has not applied to this day will not have the opportunity to access scholarships and grants from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training for the next cycle.

Explain that the procedure consists of two stages. The first, and we are currently, is the online application process. As of May 12, the Ministry will resolve the applicant’s financial requirements by contacting them if they are met, to move to the second stage, during the month of September, during which amendments to the application can only be made as soon as possible with bank details, academic data or place of residence, without Opening a new submission period.

Then, at the end of September, applicants will receive the Ministry’s decision to see if they are scholarship recipients and the amount that corresponds to them.

The requirements estimated by the Ministry relate to the economic, heritage, and academic data of applicants for these scholarships and grants available for undergraduate, masters and access studies for those over 25 years of age and for non-university students. Baccalaureate, intermediate and higher level training courses, basic vocational training as well as military or religious studies.

As for the amounts, there are fixed amounts that are granted for university fees. Also those related to income in the amount of 1,700 euros, per residence, if the applicant continues his studies in a place other than his family’s home, in the amount of 1,600 euros. Scholarships also in relation to excellence range from 50 to 125 euros and the basic scholarship is 300 euros and 350 for basic vocational training.

There are also scholarships in variable amounts that are calculated with combined weighting between academic record scores and income.

In the event that a grant is requested for the first time, registration is required through the Ministry’s electronic headquarters. The application consists of three parts in which the student’s data, family unit and academic data are completed.

Sebastian Brazales points out that there is a link on the youth website to be able to make this registration, as well as all the necessary information about deadlines, requirements and documents that must be brought to the appointment at the Youth Information Center in order to process the application for grants and grants that go through the DNI for unit members Family, account number and annual income in case it comes from the activity as self-employed workers, as data related to income or academic qualifications are provided by the Ministry, giving the consent of the applicant for consultation.

They encourage the Council that if you are interested in applying for grants and grants from the Ministry, request a tape at the Youth Center because the deadline is May 12.

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