ViiV announces €160,000 scholarships for new models of HIV care

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The ideal model for the care of AIDS patients
is the name given to ViiV . Scholarships Grant €160,000 to projects that contribute to the development and testing of new healthcare models that respond to the current and future needs of people living with HIV. This is the fourth edition of these scholarships, whose project submission deadline will open until June 24.

The deadline for submitting projects for new models of AIDS care will open until June 24

Proposals must be submitted Eat at least two of the six essential ingredients What is known as the optimal care model for patients with HIV infection. They are health care, care delivery, clinical decision making, clinical information systems, self-care support, and community resources. The aim of these scholarships is to improve the health and quality of life of people living with HIV. But also to increase efficiency in service delivery and favor the exchange of good practices between different health agencies.

Interdisciplinarity is one of the most important aspects in the evaluation of submitted projects. And so, as explained Maria Jose FosterSisida Executive Director and Member of the Scholarships Scientific Committee, “We need to train health professionals to intervene in a multidisciplinary way”. For this «Their expertise is required in the most social components of infection, which means taking into account aspects such as discrimination and stigma in the diagnosis and follow-up of HIV, as this affects quality of life and adherence to treatment. This is one of the aspects through which we seek to innovate and change the model of care ».

“We need to train health professionals to intervene in a multidisciplinary way”

The evaluation also takes into account the potential impact of the initiative in terms of quality of life, feasibility and replication. The latter is key: these ideas can be implemented profitably. In addition, it can be easily extended to other areas, services, hospitals, and institutions. “The joint work will gradually lead us to implement a new model that is more proactive, integrated, coordinated and focused on the needs of people with chronic diseases”pointing to Dr. Santiago MorenoCoordinator of the Scientific Committee and Head of the Infectious Diseases Service at the Ramon Cajal University Hospital in Madrid.

The call for the ViiV Scholarship is part of an interdisciplinary project national policypromoted by GeSIDA, Seisida and ViiV Healthcare. Since its inception in 2019, these scholarships have contributed funding to 11 projects. The beneficiaries of these innovative projects are an estimated 151,387 people currently living with HIV in Spain.

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