Vigo City Council awards 3000 English language scholarships for next summer

The city council is restoring ‘Vigo in English’ after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. This summer it will take nearly 3,000 Vigo, ESO and Baccalaureate students to study English in the UK and Ireland, with support from City Council.

Thus, study trips will be resumed retroactively, including the two previous promotions. Those who must go in 2020, and who are currently in their first year of high school, will travel in July; Those who went last summer, now in the fourth year of ESO, will do so in September and those studying in the third year of ESO will travel in October.

In its regular editions, the program is aimed at third year ESO students and takes place in the month of September. It consists of a 3-week stay in an English-speaking country. During this time, Vigo residents go to school, like any other local student. They reside, on a full board basis for the duration of their stay, with families of origin selected to participate in the programme. In the afternoon, they carry out various activities, including a cultural visit to an important place. On weekends there is a full day excursion. They have English language enhancement classes.

Abel Caballero, who made the new call to the media yesterday, defended the decision in comments by Maria Neira, director of the Public Health Department of the World Health Organization, who believes that the epidemic will be brought under control in the country. Next summer, health and safety conditions are guaranteed.

The deadline for applying for a place will open in the next few days.

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