Venezuelan-American space in Margherita shifts facts

Transforming the reality of young people and adults through the promotion of culture and sport is one of the goals of Centro Venezolano Americano de Margarita (Cevamar), one of more than 640 American places in the world and one of 8 located in Venezuela.

This cooperative space on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State in the east of the country works with USA educationan official program of the US Department of State that provides information about various opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and exchange studies in the North American country.

They are trained through workshops on building academic curricula. Athletes with high potential are trained in workshops to build their profile and are instructed on the university’s career portfolio and how to apply for scholarships,” explains Jonathan Rodriguez, Co-Founder and CEO of Sivamar.

Rodriguez insists that the non-profit civil association is an independent center and has nothing to do with consular operations, but through USA education They provide advice and support so that those interested can learn about universities, application processes and, depending on the characteristics of academic centers, how to apply for scholarships.

A team has been contacted USA education Who has the knowledge to guide young people and their parents. They guide them regarding the application process, admission process and payment process because universities are not free, the information is provided by the EducationUSA team,” Rodríguez said.

Sivamar’s services are free of charge to all interested in participating in the variety of programs they offer which aim to enhance leadership and “soft skills”.

In addition to developing programs in local communities, the organization provides tools and resources for NGO development.

“In the field of communication, we teach young people how to create a podcast, but we also give them information about citizen values ​​so that citizenship can be promoted. We have programs in human rights, women’s empowerment,” Rodriguez told Voice of America, noting that opportunities are “one click away.” .

In addition, Sivamar offers English language courses so that people can “access opportunities” outside the country.

“We have our own language learning platform. For us, it is important that people understand that they have to learn English and that the vast majority of opportunities require people to speak English,” insists Rodriguez.

Director of Cevamar highlights important success experiences and is pleased to see how young Venezuelans have been able to obtain up to 5 scholarships at American universities.

“I cannot describe how we feel, to see how we change the lives of the young people who will later come to Venezuela to apply what they have learned, who will contribute to the development of our country, which in the end will be the greatest objectivity of us,” he says without hiding a smile of pride.

Through, the association makes its programs available to all those who seek to develop projects, improve their training and use new technologies.

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