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USS: Professional of Arts & Business Graphic Design Wins Postgraduate Scholarship at the University of Minas Gerais

The authorities of the Professional School of Art and Graphic Design and the Directorate of Institutional Relations and International Cooperation of the University of Señor de Sipán University (USS) announced that the graduate, Juan Carlos Chozo Tonokon a scholarship to develop studies in the Master of Design program, in State University of Minas Gerais (UEMG), the unit of Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

The scholarship was awarded by the Organization of American States (OAS), a consortium to which the USS belongs and the International Cooperation Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB), with which the Chiclayo Foundation has an agreement for several years. After the international convocation of the OAS and the GCUB, at the beginning of the year, and its application, Juan Chuzo was able to achieve this universal benefit by demonstrating his academic and creative abilities.

It should be noted that the Sipan graduate received a scholarship in the first semester of 2014, when he was still an undergraduate, after participating through the Academic Program for International Mobility (PAMI) of the University of Señor de Sipán, to continue his studies for an academy at Julio University de Mesquita Filho Paulista State University (Unesp) in Brazil.

Dr. Julia Pelaez-Cafero, Principal of USS A & DGE, congratulated the graduate and in turn noted the work done at the school she directs. “I am delighted with Juan Carlos’ achievement, it is great news that inspires us to continue training quality designers. Our specialized teachers and equipment in design techniques are to support students to achieve specific skills that allow them to act, be agents of change and lead multidisciplinary teams, demonstrating their technical and scientific competitiveness, as well as being sensitive to the problems of society. ‘, he confirmed.

The professional emphasized that at USS, the professional career of Art and Graphic Business Design seeks to foster student entrepreneurship through design research projects to manage information and present innovative graphic proposals that facilitate visual communication from a broad perspective of reality and consideration of audience reception. In addition, it allows them to design graphic advertising campaigns, graphic corporate identity campaigns and develop scholarly research on new postulates in the field of design.

Regarding the Sipan graduate’s achievement, Mag said. Petit Herrera Timana, Director of Institutional Relations and International Cooperation at USS, “With the process of internationalization, our institution gives students, teachers and alumni the opportunity to undertake undergraduate and graduate studies with full scholarships as is the case with Juan Carlos. In this way we put in the eyes of the world the academic quality of our house of excellence. “.

For his part, Juan Carlos Chozo said that after passing São Paulo State University in 2014, the OAS-GCUB scholarship was one of his academic goals, despite the context of the crisis caused by the epidemic caused by the emerging corona virus. He was able to successfully apply. “Thanks to the support of my family, I applied for the postgraduate scholarship for the first time, the call received applicants only in 16 days and had to prepare my academic file in record time”pointed out.

“In my profile there was the 2014 Academic Exchange, the 3rd place I got when I graduated from the semester, and the CELPE-Bras for Foreigners’ Portuguese Language Proficiency Certificate, along with my essays and others, which entered two months of analysis by part of the Collaboration Group International of Brazilian Universities, to become one of the beneficiaries of version X of the PAEC Brazilian Scholarship Program”, added Juan Carlos.

“I am very excited about this new academic achievement. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and all my teachers at the school, especially Dr. Ivan Mendevez, Dr. Julia Pelayes and Dr. Dorival Campos Rossi, Deputy Profession Coordinator at Unesp. I motivate students in this career,” he concluded. Exciting professional to participate in calls for scholarships and have experience learning about other social and academic realities, and to take full advantage of the robust academic training that the A&DGE School has to offer.”

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