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Canada s United State They are two of the most attractive destinations for those looking for them Studying abroadin addition to learning or improving their level of English, but each of these countries offers certain characteristics and advantages that must be evaluated by those who wish to undertake an educational experience abroad, when choosing where to go.

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According to study abroad consultancy, Global Connection, Canada has established itself as a destination that students want for various reasons, such as bilingual communication (Einglish s French), quality education, prices, strong system public universitiesAnd Scholarshipscheapest cost of living, among others.

In addition to these historical advantages, the Canadian government in recent months has made a change in its regulations regarding the extension of working hours and the workplaces in which students of different nationalities can work during their studies.

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Previously, Colombians studying in Canada could only work 20 hours a week and do it on campus, now they can work up to 40 hours, if they work in an essential service such as health, infrastructure or food supply.

Canada also has a new scholarship initiative to attract foreigners. The Canadian government has increased its budget by C$9 billion (about US$6 billion) to fund scholarship programs for students starting in the next academic year. Resources for student loans have also increased.

On the other hand, in the United States, the most popular programs are English language courses, others that teach the language with an emphasis on business or specific areas of knowledge; There are also English study subjects to prepare for exams or for people over 30 years old.

Destinations like Nashville or Philadelphia are the most recommended by study abroad agencies, unlike other cities that are perhaps better known, such as New York and Miami.

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This is because these cities, due to the cost of living and Latin influence, can be more student friendly. Also, as an ideal place for younger children, Boston has become one of the best options.

In that country, the Au Pair method is also popular, with young people traveling through it to take care of children from families who receive them in their homes while they master the language at the academies.

But the documents required by the US government should also be taken into consideration. Whether your studies are short or long, whether it is to learn a second language or study at a university, the authorities have put in place a series of requirements and measures that must be taken into account before traveling.

All Colombians interested in taking a course, even if it is short-term, must obtain a special visa for this purpose. What is recommended, according to Global Connection, is to take advantage of the permit known as F1, given to people who want to study or take English lessons full time.

Through a special form, the Embassy receives applications and selects the occasion for a 30-minute interview, during which the immigration officer checks the correctness of all requirements (registration, financial means for travel, availability).

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