USA | End of the pandemic rains millions on sports scholarships

The receding of the pandemic has increased the supply (also the demand) of sports, arts and cultural scholarships for Spanish students to train in educational centers in the United States. High schools and North American universities such as Yale University (one of the ten most prestigious in the country) have greatly doubled their range of possibilities.Or it has caused an increase of up to 40% in places offered in relation to 2021, 67% in relation to 2019 and up to 200% in financial aid in relation to what was awarded in 2021. Millions rain in search of the American dream in search of profiles of all kinds.

Because educational centers in North America are looking for talent in many fields. Football, due to the prestige of Spanish football, is one of the most important. But there are also scholarship holders in basketball, tennis and even esports, which is the great novelty of recent years. It is one of the most powerful ways to study in the United States, as the demand for talent is huge and the supply is limited. Some students who have already received scholarships succeed in local competitions. This is the case of Miguel Yuste, a student who was “signed” by Yale specifically to protect the football team after leaving Northfield Mount Hermon.

$6 million scholarships

Economically, only from the hand of AWEX, the most important Spanish organization in the mediation between these centers and candidates, It is expected that $6 million will be distributed in direct support for the 2022-2023 academic year. It represents nearly 200% growth in terms of amounts managed a year ago, when the cycle concluded with two million scholarships distributed, and is a sign of the United States’ unwavering and resolute commitment to Hispanic talent.

The favorable conditions for obtaining this assistance have also caused the demand for scholarships to rise, reaching much higher levels than before the pandemic. Just for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year, AWEX has already received more than 2,000 applications.

Studying in the United States helps you find a job

“It’s crazy and I think it has to do with the limitations we’ve all encountered. Children are more eager than ever to take advantage of these opportunities, and families are seeing more clearly that they are only once-in-a-lifetime trains,” explains William Tuchard, CEO of AWEX and one of the world’s best-known experts. In the mediation between the American centers and the Spanish students.

It also helps, according to the data AWEX deals with, Students with international training in the US are 37% more likely to find a job when they return to Europe One of the boys his age who never left the old continent. “The experience enriches beyond language or training. This can be seen later when returning to Spain,” Tuchar adds.

He wanted 4 million dollars

Currently, a large portion of the aid package administered by AWEX has already been awarded for the upcoming academic year. It’s two million dollars. But they hope in the coming months to distribute the rest to new candidates who, in addition, will be sought after with events in a purer American style in Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante. Show business also reaches into the realm of attracting sports and cultural talent.

“To give you an idea, they are formats similar to those of Apple product presentations that we’ve all seen at some point,” says Touchard. “Twelve educational institutions including high schools and universities will attend each of these events, and each will award five scholarships. There are a total of 60 scholarships for these three events only. Never seen in SpainTuchard insists.

Cheaper than studying in Spain

The phenomenon’s expansion has forced AWEX to broaden horizons in its search for talent. Indeed, it will be the first time that an event with these characteristics will be held in Barcelona or Alicante. We are expanding our employment networks because that’s what the American Education Centers are asking of us. Now it is easier than ever to get a scholarship, sometimes for a cost equal to or less than the cost of studying in a private center in Spain,” says Tuchard as a shocking fact.

Which is that the average scholarship awarded is 30 thousand euros, but there are also full scholarships up to 60 thousand euros. “We recently offered one of these full scholarships to a student from Madrid. It is not the first time. We hope we can do the same soon with some other students from Barcelona or Alicante,” hopes Tuchard. The minimum requirements to access these events are very simple: be between 12 and 18 years old, have a grade point average of 6 in Spain, an intermediate level in English, and submit a personal CV. nothing else. This and visit the AWEX website to register.

No student is without their scholarship

And as it happens with the culture of the American Dream, No one will be left without your help.” Tuchard continues to explain. “First, because all the boys who attend will receive a scholarship proposal, yes or yes,” he reveals. “And if it doesn’t work out for them, they will have a plan B,” he adds. It refers to the AWEX Opportunity Pool, made up of 100 high schools and more than 2,000 universities where scholarships and alternative aid are offered to students who have not found their opportunity in upcoming events.

The following schedule is in Barcelona, ​​Alicante and Madrid:

  • Saturday 2 April – Barcelona 16:00 – 18:00
  • Madrid Street, 136 Local 1, Barcelona
  • Friday 8 April – Alicante from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Plaza San Cristobal, 14, Alicante
  • Saturday 9 April – Madrid – 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Calle de la Princesa, 19, Madrid

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