USA and Andorra Business Promote Scholarships for 15 Projects Led by Female Entrepreneurs

Andorran women entrepreneurs will have more opportunities. The agreement between the Consulate General of the United States in Barcelona and Andorra Business will allow the launch of the first edition of the free training program for women entrepreneurs, the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). This edition, which will benefit fifteen projects, will take place between May and October in the Principality and will collaborate with Associació de Dones d’Andorra.

The North American Aid Program, AWE, is free because it is funded by the United States Department of State. Its aim is nothing more than to promote the development of women-led entrepreneurial projects, and to this end, participants will be presented with a set of master classes with presentations given in Andorra by long-standing professionals, along with intensive virtual training, DreamBuilder, provided by the US Thunderbird School of Business, Affiliate to Arizona State University. This business training aims to support the development and growth of a business or entrepreneurial venture and thus enhance the skills of female entrepreneurs in the business field.

For the US ambassador, the initiative encourages women to develop their full economic potential as entrepreneurs

The application of this program in Andorra was presented by the US Ambassador to Andorra and Spain, Julissa Reynuso, and the Andorran Minister for the Presidency, Economy and Business and Andorran President for Business, Jordi Gallardo.

Participants at AWE in Andorra will be part of a global network of entrepreneurs of more than 16,000 women from 80 countries around the world. In addition, it has the American Exchange Alumni Networks, which is the exclusive online community for all those who have participated in some event in a US-funded program.

Through this initiative, we want women to develop their full economic potential as entrepreneurs.”

Julissa RinosoUS Ambassador

The invitation to participate in the program is open to entrepreneurs of any nationality who are residents of Andorra, owners of a company operating in Andorra or who have set up a startup in the last four years, or who have an advanced business idea and are in a position to start it in the Principality.

“Through this initiative, we want women to develop their full economic potential as entrepreneurs and connect them to a large global network of women entrepreneurs who have also participated in AWE,” Julissa Reynoso noted. In her opinion, “Today more than ever it must be ensured that women have all possible opportunities to contribute to the rebuilding of the global economy.” Renoso, a Dominican by birth who immigrated to the United States in 1982, was an assistant before becoming ambassador to current United States President Joe Biden, and chief of staff for his wife, Jill Biden. During Barack Obama’s presidency, she was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs and later Ambassador to Uruguay.

The 15 professionals selected by the AWE program will be able to further expand their knowledge and contacts”

Jordi GallardoMinister of Andorra

For his part, Minister Jordi Gallardo noted that “the country has a very important fabric of entrepreneurs, some of which are internationally recognized. The 15 professionals selected by the AWE program will be able to expand their knowledge and contacts, which will have a very positive impact on their business. The results will come out very soon.”

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