UPrO students will be able to sign up for Progresar Scholarships

A new feature has been added for students who wish to pursue a career at the Regional Professions University (UPrO). From the administration of the Provincial Department of Education and the House of Regional Studies before the national government, from now on, students will be able to enroll in Progresar Scholarships, the economic assistance the nation gives to citizens between the ages of 18 and 18 24 years old who can finish their primary or secondary education or Continuing with higher, higher or university education.

“We have worked with the university, we have submitted the application to the Ministry of Education, we have made a formal offer to the university and all the jobs it offers, and we have achieved accreditation as the certifying body for the Progresar scholarship,” he explained. Head of the Competent Resource Program Nora Ahumada.

The official explained that the opportunity to register is available for those who started studying this year and for those who have previously studied. The deadline for registration is April 30, through the page www.argentina.gob.ar/educacion/progresar or using the Progresar + application. Ahumada added that the interested party, upon registration, creates a username and password, and the page instructs the steps to follow.

The official expanded on how the students can continue with the economic aid, “The university will certify the student’s regularity and this is the academic condition they have to fulfill.”

The beneficiary must maintain his or her usual standing in the race to keep the grant.

“It is a very positive benefit, because it allows the students, during the commercial training, to receive this financial assistance every month,” said the head of the program.

Ahumada explained that after the registration is closed there will be a period of academic review, during which the university must certify that the student is registered in the indicated profession and is a regular student. After that, the payment is made, into the CBU account indicated by the student. In any case, they can review the status of the action in advance with their username and password.

Among the requirements listed on the official website of Progresar, in addition to the above-mentioned age and regular student status, it also adds as a condition that the income does not exceed three minimum salaries, vital and mobile (SMVM), as well as be Argentine, naturalized or foreign with a residence of at least 5 years In the country and with DNI.

Finally, it states that an exception is that people up to the age of 35 can apply if they have dependent children in single-parent families and there is no age limit for transgender people, indigenous people, people with disabilities, or refugees.

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