Up to 400 Amancio Ortega Baccalaureate Scholarships in the United States and Canada

Study a course abroad It is the dream of many young people who seek to improve their English and live new experiences. However, few lucky ones can afford it due to the high costs involved. Although there are scholarships.

After a year of hiatus due to the health crisis, he Amancio Ortega Foundation call their Scholarships for first-year baccalaureate study in the United States or Canada during the academic year 2022-2023.

On this occasion they call 400 full scholarships It is aimed at students of the fourth year of compulsory secondary education (ESO) in Spanish schools. Among these scholarships, 70 scholarships are directed to students from centers of Galicia and 330 scholarships are from any educational center in the rest of Spain.

What does the Amancio Ortega scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers 100% of the services needed to conduct an academic year abroad: travel, fees, registration at a public institution, accommodation and meals in a host family, medical and accident insurance, verification of the academic year, and ongoing support during this scholarship. Residence.

Requirements: file and income

To be selected, you must be registered as a fourth year ESO student at a center in any Hispanic community, and have a grade point average of at least 7 points in both the third year ESO and in the English language subject.

In addition, you must not have enjoyed academic experience equal to or more than 6 months in a country other than your usual place of residence, during any of the ESO equivalent courses.

The academic record, academic results and family income level of the individual will all be assessed. The selection process consists of taking a written and oral English language test as well as an interview.

The application period will open until October 27, 2021.

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