University in Canada offers scholarships for Colombians and then you can apply

According to Global Connection, Canada has become one of the preferred study destinations due to several factors, among which are Bilingual communication (English and French), quality of education, prices, scholarships and moderate cost of living, among other factors.

Additionally, there have been changes in regulations regarding international students and an increase in the number of scholarships in recent months, since the Canadian government raised the budget to fund scholarship programs for students.

For this reason, today there are thousands of Colombians seeking to apply for scholarships in this country, which is why they are interested in the various calls. This week, Canada University of the Western (UCW), one of Vancouver’s business-focused private universities, announced that it has a limited number of scholarships for Colombians interested in studying undergraduate, graduate, or master’s degrees in this country.

On average, it is CAD 10,000, which is 60% of the tuition fee, which is allocated by nationality, creating an opportunity for post-pandemic study and thus maintaining the dynamics related to education.

Within the functions managed by UCW are all those related to business, such as business administration, foreign trade, human resources, marketing, leadership and management, among others.

The requirements to apply for these scholarships are as follows: the person must contact Edooconect, who are responsible for carrying out the entire application counseling process; Academic documentation meeting, letter of intent development and application to the chosen programme.

The estimated response time to see if the scholarship has been approved is 1 month. It is important to know that after obtaining the scholarship and registering at the university, the next step is the visa and temporary residence process as an international student, Which can be for people only or for their family If you decide to come to this country with you. Response times for visa and residency range from 8 to 12 weeks.

Kitsilano Beach during a heat wave in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Monday, June 28, 2021. The heat is expected to continue for several days in parts of British Columbia, according to government weather warnings. Photographer: Trevor Hagan/Bloomberg via Getty Images – Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to figures from Edooconect, 99% of applications from Colombians were accepted and awarded a scholarship. This is why people are interested in starting Their process to study next year is in January, they must do so from August 2021, since scholarships do not have a fixed end date, so it is recommended to apply as soon as possible.

University Canada West is one of the best higher education institutions in Canada. This university is currently part of the top 10 universities Online And its MBA program is among the top 5 in North America.

Its campus is located in downtown Vancouver and each semester about 4,000 students from 90 different countries attend. Apart from the academic field, Vancouver is one of the warmest provinces in Canada and has a great diversity of fauna and flora, which is an experience to benefit from staying in that city while studying.

For advice on scholarship application from UCW, they must enter www.edooconnect.comFill out the registration form on the website to start the application process.

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