Universidad Externado de Colombia will award more than 400 scholarships for undergraduate studies

Each year, thousands of students must choose the profession they will study, a decision that usually moves the split between those professions that are supposed to have more job options, or those that are more career-guided, and of course which one is more affordable? In this latter scenario, scholarships can mean a solution, especially if there are not enough resources to fund a college career.

For the second semester of 2022, the University of Externado in Colombia will award more than 400 scholarships for undergraduate studies. This student scholarship opportunity is a contribution to creating equal educational opportunities. The call for the second semester is divided into six types of scholarships: Honors, Best Admission Process, Sports Incentive, Credit Scholarships, Scholarship to Talent-Fundación Bolívar and Ethnic Group Agreement that supports and enhances the university’s multiculturalism. Likewise, no enrollment fee will be charged for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Grant for every need:

Best Acceptance Process

The university advances the academic, personal and social path of students. In each college, half of the scholarship (50%) for the first semester is awarded to the two applicants who have achieved the best results in the admission process. To grant this advantage, your admission interview qualification score and overall Icfes score are taken into consideration.


The university selects the best students in its undergraduate programs using the criterion they obtained in the previous semester directly as a criterion. Students with the best grades are granted exemption from paying tuition fees. One (1) scholarship is awarded to every sixty (60) students or a portion greater than 30 per semester. If there are students of the same rate in the same course, the scholarship value will be distributed equally among them.

sports motivation

University athletes who represent the institution in inter-university competitions will receive the sports incentive (consisting of a percentage discount on tuition fees according to achievement).

Credit Scholarships

The University will award 200 Scholarships-Credit to support young people with economic hardship to begin their studies in higher education.

Loans-Scholarships are allocated as follows:

  • 35% of the tuition fee is paid by the student at the beginning of the semester.
  • The scholarship represents 35% of the tuition value; This value is gradually waived by the university, as the student passes classes.
  • The remaining 30% is the balance that the student will pay in fixed installments (for a period of 60 months), without interest, starting six months after completion of the Bachelor’s degree.

Help to finish university

The Bolívar Davivienda Foundation Talent Scholarship benefits undergraduate students between semesters 5 and 8 (year 3 and 4 for annual programmes), with an excellent academic average, who have advanced at least half of their career and are facing financial difficulties to continue their studies.

The Bolívar Davivienda Foundation Talent Credit Scholarships is a financial aid equivalent to 90% of the total value of the enrollment, which is awarded as follows:

  • 45% of scholarship resources.
  • 45% as credit starting 6 months after completion of studies.
  • The scholarship holder assumes 10% of the residual value of study in each semester/academic year in which the program is associated.

Multicultural interactions

This program is unique in the country and has allowed more than 80 students from indigenous communities to study higher education. It also strengthens peer-to-peer dialogue, understanding of other senses and logics of Colombia with communities. The program includes 100% of the tuition fee.


There is no registration fee for undergraduate and postgraduate programs


If the student is in financial need, the university gives a 10% discount on the tuition fee and an additional 3% discount for early payment.


For families who do not have the possibility to pay tuition fees in one cash, they can pay 50% of its value after subtracting a 10% discount if they request it, and the remaining 50% is paid in 5 monthly installments for undergraduate students. Monthly payments are interest-free as long as payments are made on time.

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