UNIR and SUPERCUIDADORES, in cooperation with the Ecuadorean Embassy in Spain, will award 60 scholarships to learn how to care for elderly or dependents

The International University of La Rioja (JOIN) and excellentcaregiversAnd The entity promoted by this university, will provide 60 scholarships -coverage 100% of the tuition fee– a Ecuadorean citizens residing in Spain To complete the program An expert in the care of the elderly or dependents. The initiative will be implemented in cooperation with Ecuadorean Embassy in our country.

Like a large part of the population, the Ecuadorean population group in Spain has experienced very critical moments as a result of the epidemic in the past two years. Hundreds of families are still going through complicated social and economic situations, and many heads of families have lost their jobs or significantly reduced their income, so priority will be given to the unemployed.

The initiative targets Ecuadorean citizens or residents of Spain who would like to be trained in a program with great job opportunities

For this reason, the above-mentioned institutions inviting scholarships have decided to promote Commitment to social responsibility By making it possible to shape it in some way absolutely free in a program with Great job opportunity Currently.

The course to be taught in A 100% online, It also represents an unbeatable opportunity for those who have truth service profession and help others. Scholarship recipients will learn to perform the basic activities of daily living required by the elderly or dependents.

For Ecuadorean citizens of legal age, priority is given to the unemployed

will be able Apply for scholarships throughout the month of April Who meet the following Requirements: be a citizen Ecuadorean dual nationals (Ecuadorean and Spanish), or Ecuadorean legal residents in the countryand/or their direct descendants. Either way, they should be grown ups, give priority For people who meet unemployed.

Those who demonstrate that they meet these requirements can apply for scholarships, filling in their personal data in the following registration form:

For any questions, you can write to the following e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots and spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The deadline for registration will be from From 7 to 30 April 2022. Scholarships will be awarded strictly Arrange mail arrival Sent by the applicants provided that they prove the above-mentioned conditions. Once the registration period has elapsed, those selected will be notified of Scholarships are awarded by email.

The training program “Expert to learn how to care for the elderly or dependents” is a degree taught by UNIR and excellentcaregivers how much does it cost 200 EUR for each student. But both institutions will finance in equal parts (€100 each, that is, 50% and 50% of the registration cost) for each student, so they will not have to pay anything.

Care techniques, first aid and recreational activities

Academic proposal will allow students Learn about the complete environment of caring for carers or home help aides, Training in care and first aid techniques as well as performing recreational activities with the elderly or dependents.

The Duration of the coursewhich will be made of remote methodthat it 50 hours. It is recommended to do this at a rate of 2.5 hours of dedication per day, so that the course can be completed in 20 study days. However, scholarship recipients will have up to 40 days to do so. The program makes it possible to make classes visible at any time, as they are recorded on the platform that students have to access.

Beneficiaries will be able to take the course 100% online, through a platform and from their homes, absolutely for free.

Scholarship recipients may Access to 12 advanced lessons Specializes in improving your home care service for the elderly or dependents excellentcaregivers. Video lessons are taught by professionals from various fields (nurses, psychologists, social workers …) from recognized position and educational, social and health experience.

Among the program’s other highlights, they will teach from It means taking care of yourself and how you take care of yourself The caregiver himself, as well as the use of effective communication techniques between the caregiver and the person caring for him. Also, the most appropriate guidelines and procedures for Hygiene, nutrition, packaging and supply of medicinesIn order to achieve a better quality of life for the patient by promoting his health, well-being, independence and independence.

Another objective of the training is to enable students to help the elderly carry out maintenance activities and exercises, as well as psychological, rehabilitative and vocational training. Likewise, they will be able to know, define and categorize the different support products for the activities of daily living of the dependent people.

People who complete this program will get a file Accreditation Certificate from excellentcaregivers, endorsed by UNIR. The administrative cost of issuing the document will be 10 eurowhich must be paid by each participant.

Training Offered: An expert program for learning how to care for the elderly or dependents

An expert program for learning how to care for the elderly or dependents

The caregiver or home help aide will know the entire care environment and will learn to carry out basic activities of daily living required by the elderly or dependent person, including handling technical aids and first aid, as well as training in recreational activities for the elderly or dependents.

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