Undergraduate Scholarships 2022 in Barranquilla, So Can You Apply? Barranquilla, Colombia

In order to achieve the largest number of scholarships in the history of the program The university is nearbylaunched by mayor Barranquilla The first call for this is 2022.

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The district administration is offering 191 places for young people who have graduated from public schools, within the 2021 period.

As Mayor Jaime Pomarejo announced, the goal is to ensure that more than 4,000 young people have this benefit between last year and this year, and can build their life’s projects.

Interested parties may choose from the following programs: Professional Technician in Foreign Trade Operations, Professional Technician in Business Process Operations, and Professional Technician in Logistics Operations.

In addition, a professional technician in graphic and multimedia production, a professional technician in the maintenance of computer systems, a professional technician in the installation and maintenance of telecommunication networks, and a professional technician in the operation of industrial processes.

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Conditions for applying for the scholarship

Applicants for a Scholarship From this call, which is open from January 11 to next 21 From the same month, they should send the following scanned documents to universityalbarrio@itsa.edu.co email:

  1. identification document.
  2. Saber 11 test result.
  3. Diploma or degree certificate.
  4. 3 x 4 document type photo.
  5. Various utility bills as of November 2021.

Applicants who will be awarded the scholarship must have night study, and must not be registered or pursuing any employment in the field of higher education.

To register, go to the link: bit.ly/UniversidadAlBarrio.


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