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UNAM Mobility Scholarships: Dates, Requirements and Call

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The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has reissued the call for Undergraduates can spend a semester in another state of the country.

Scholarship Call for National Student Mobility Semester 2023-One (Fall 2022) Consists of undergraduate students in the school system applying to compete for the Economic scholarship to study Semester 1-2023 (Fall 2022) at an Institution of Higher Education (IES) Participants with a tuition fee waiver.

What are the requirements?

Some of the requirements that students must fulfill are:

  • Meet internal mobility requirements It has the post office of the academic entity From the origin as available. (consult it here)
  • Be enrolled in the 2022-2 semester in any of the UNAM degrees And to be regular (no failed themes).
  • Have an academic GPA of at least 8.5 and have Studied and approved at least 44% of the credits From your curriculum plan, according to info Comprehensive School Management System (SIAE) General Directorate of School Administration (DGAE), recording time.
  • Submit a review review with Academic program licensed by EA of Original with at least three subjects to study at a higher education institution of choice, as per the available format and re-certify them when they return to UNAM as part of their study plan.
  • Among other requirements.

What does the scholarship consist of?

According to the appeal, which was published in Jatseta Onam on March 14, andThe granting of benefits will be subject to to accept students Institute of Higher Education (IES) receiver, Based on the following:

  • Tuition fee waiver: Students who In the shortlist you may be exempt from Pay the tuition fee at the chosen HEI, during One semester for those registered Study plans for the semester by course or even For a period of one academic year for those registered Annual study plans for the academic year.
  • Economic Scholarship: Students accepted into A Higher education institutions located in a government entity other than an entity IES of its origin, will benefit from a scholarship for Thirty thousand pesos as an amount Unique to the academic period of study, either School course Semester or annual school course.

What is the registration procedure?

If you are eligible, Contact the person responsible for student mobility in the academic entity in which you are registeredto request registration.

For more information about the process, you can refer to the full call here.

important dates

  • Date of publication of the invitation: March 14, 2022.
  • Aspiring student registration: March 14-21, 2022.
  • Validation of applications by the academic entity: 14 of March to March 4 April 2022.
  • Post results: April 21 From 2022
  • Introductory session for Selected students: April 26 From 2022


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