UMAG graduates second generation of Magallanes-trained doctors

AndIn a passionate ceremony held at the Center for Teaching and Research Assistance (CADI UMAG) accompanied by their families and friends, 21 graduates of the University of Magallanes Medical School received their professional certifications. The new doctors thus became the second generation of these fully trained professionals in the region.

The certificate received the compliments of the university authorities headed by the president of the university (Q), Gabriela Gonzalez; And also its teachers, led by the Director of the UMAG Medical School, Dr. Mario Mayans, who highlighted the perseverance and camaraderie of young people during the 7 years of their career and, likewise, the effort in developing its boarding schools in the Magallanes Hospital System.

Valentina Rosas Serna completed her internship at Cristina Calderon Community Hospital in Puerto Williams, and it’s been nearly 9 months since that trial ended. Today, after receiving his degree, he said, “It’s unbelievable, I still have the feeling that we’re in the university and everything is still the same, but what we’re really seeing makes a difference.”

As he comments, having already finished this track, his undergraduate experience in the medical profession was one of many passions. “I had a great time, I cried a lot too, I got nervous, but after all, it’s very much appreciated, especially everything they did in the hospital for us was seven,” he said, adding that later he will seek to choose the specialty of surgery. .

Meanwhile, his partner and now teammate, Tihare Saavedra Manzo, expressed, “It is very exciting and pleasurable to be able to finish a course from so many years, so the truth is that I am very grateful and happy to finish a stage despite the fact that many more are coming. Already a big step that gives us, at least, a foundation for the future, so I’m very excited.” After completing her internship at Porvenir, she believes the most urgent thing for her future is “to gain more experience in primary health and public health in general, to get more out of the ‘streets’, so to speak”, emphasizing that, like Valentina, she could be Your area of ​​expertise is also surgery.

In addition to Tihare and Valentina, the second generation of UMAG Medicine alumni are: Nicolás Águila Mayorga, Daleshka Campillay Rivera, Antonia Cifuentes Villalobos, Joel Cortés García, Aylin Chai Godoy, Sandra Díaz Bórquez, Karen Henrís and Franíquez Cuía Moría Christopher Milo Mancella, Bruno Morgado Herrera, Eduardo Muñoz Peña, Angelo Nunez Contreras, Valentina Palacios Bawaton, Pia Richard Alvarez, Jonathan Robles Galindo, Camila Vera Bolhair and Christopher Vergara Mayorga.


Meanwhile, a day before the ceremony, the new professionals took their individual national knowledge exam.Medicine known as EUNACOM, the test that is applied in Chile to all graduates of various medical schools, and to doctors graduated abroad who wish to practice on the national territory.

The test, which lasts more than 3 hours and is answered in two sections of 90 questions separated by a break, was taken in a classroom in a university gymnasium and headed by the head of the analysis unit of EUNACOM, Victor Pedriros. Medical School Director, Dr. Mario Mayans and Medical Coordinator, Dr. Susana Marques.

According to the balance given by the EUNACOM official, at the end of the day, “The process went very well and it’s a test being done today (April 6) all over Chile and in many universities, so overall, we had a very good organization here in Magallanes and it was all Something very fast, without problems,” he said, explaining that the results, both at the individual and university level, will be announced in another week.

In this regard, Dr. Mayans expressed optimism about the results, noting that the performance of the youth in the past year was successful. “In 2021 100% of our students passed the exam, but not at a minimum, but well above that norm, so it was an excellent sign for us, to encourage careers, university and, above all, everything, for our students of this second generation , who are faced with the challenge of getting as close as possible and hopefully reproducing the results of their peers,” he said.

Along the same lines, Dr. broth“The students are very good at the degree, very hardworking, and hopefully they will do well, like the first generation, in order to continue to improve in this degree, which is new to Magallanes, and most of all, to be good professionals,” Uys added.

The approval of EUNACOM is a mandatory requirement in Chile so that new medical professionals can work in the public health sector (hospitals, primary care, FONASA benefits) and, likewise, apply for state-funded specialty scholarships. In addition, it means automatic re-certification of the medical degree obtained in the additionsNjeru.

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