UCLM and Banco Santander confirm collaboration in training, research, employment and entrepreneurship

The agreement, which gives continuity to the collaboration that both institutions have maintained for more than 20 years to promote academic programs, will be valid until December 2022.

Madrid, November 29, 2021.
The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) and Banco Santander reaffirmed the cooperation agreement maintained by both institutions to develop projects aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching, contributing to the excellence of research activity, promoting the transfer of research results, improving the efficiency of academic management and strengthening the international projection of the University regional. The agreement provides for a contribution of 1.2 million euros.

President of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), José Julien Gard López Pria; Today, the President of the Universities of Santander, Matías Rodriguez Insart, ratified the renewal of the cooperation agreement to develop new projects in the main areas of education, employment and entrepreneurship at the Rector’s Office in Ciudad Real.

The agreement, which gives continuity to the collaboration that both institutions have maintained for more than twenty years to promote academic programs, will be valid until December 2022.

The agreement will give a new impetus to the cooperation of both entities in educational matters and enhance research activity through initiatives targeting the student community such as distinguished scholarships for students of official master’s degrees and initiation of research or an introduction to research for undergraduate students. As well as assistance in mobility between regions, national and international.

Similarly, the agreement demonstrates Banco Santander’s commitment to enhancing student employment opportunities through scholarships for extracurricular training and cooperation in services and university units; and with entrepreneurship through activities such as the Explorer – an initiative to promote young talent – and the Entrepreneurs Incubator.

In addition to these main lines of action, the alliance includes support for the activities carried out by the Student Support Service with Disabilities, as well as other initiatives related to the university’s social responsibility and orientation programs for new students.

On the other hand, Banco Santander will continue to provide its technological, operational and administrative cooperation to the University of Castilla-La Mancha through various initiatives and projects such as the University Smart Card for the entire university community, which will continue in its physical form during 2022 and which will start broadcasting exclusively in digital format from January 1, 2023 ; APPCrue University mobile application.

After signing the agreement, Dean of UCLM have thanked “Commitment and Trust” Deposited by Banco Santander at the Foundation and verified that this Agreement is a “A great example of public-private cooperation that allows us to address the heart of our university, the students, through its three actions: Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship”. Likewise, Garde welcomes the fact that with this new agreement the missing procedure, such as the National Mobility Grants for students who participate in the SICUE program, is recovered, and that it includes scholarships to start a research activity, since you understand “It is very useful for awakening invitations.”

for this part, President of Santander Universities He noted that with the ratification of the Convention, the “Continuing support for such a long cooperation with the University of Castilla-La Mancha which began in 1998” This has been complemented over time until reaching the three action points that focus today. In addition, Rodríguez Inciarte showed his satisfaction that UCLM is part of AppCrue, stating, “Digitization is the key to university transformation.”

The process of ratification of the agreement took place in the presence of the university’s vice chancellor for economics and planning and the director of UCLM, Francisco Saez and Matilde Libra, respectively. On behalf of Banco Santander, Susana García Espinel, Director of Universities of Santander and University of Spain; and José María García de los Ríos, Director of the Santander Universities Agreements.

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