UABCS chairs the first regular session of CUMex 2022

Recently, the First Ordinary Session of the 2022 Confederation of Mexican Universities (CUMex), chaired by Dr. Dante Salgado Gonzalez, President of the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS), was held to discuss and analyze topics aimed at continuing to ensure the Academic excellence of partner institutions.

Through the virtual headquarters face to face at the Autonomous University of Tlaxcalteca (UATx), welcoming speeches were delivered by the Rector of the University, Dr. Luis Gonzalez Placencia, highlighting the linkage actions they carry out as an institution, which has allowed the maximum house of studies tlaxcalteca to be distinguished as the host of such great event.

In the same framework, the CUMex Professional and Academic Career Recognition 2022, was awarded to Dr.. Enrique Fernandez WassnachtDirector-General of Mexico’s National Technological Institute, for his distinguished career, work and professional dedication in favor of academic excellence in higher education in the country.

Then, Dr. Carmen Enedina Rodríguez Armenta, Director General of Higher Education at the Ministry of Public Education, used her voice to express her appreciation for CUMex’s mission, which is to actively contribute to the promotion of the shared higher education space, where not only that. Good professionals are trained, but also excellent citizens who help solve local, regional, national and international problems.

The person responsible for giving the official inauguration announcement was Constitutional Governor of Tlaxcala, Lic. Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, a moment he took advantage of to congratulate the Union, for establishing itself as a space that seeks excellence in higher education, by maintaining and improving quality; Compilation of state institutions of the highest academic standards.

He emphasized that his presence in Tlaxcala was an invitation to strengthen bonds to share in the mission of building robust, quality, resilient and socially relevant higher education.

At the conclusion of their message, the members of the Deans Council officially started the session, where they discussed and analyzed the various topics covered in the program of activities, including presenting the reports of programs and institutional committees.

It also highlights that Dr. Dante Salgado, as President, celebrated the signing of three cooperation agreements with the Association of Ibero-American Postgraduate Universities (AUIP) and one with the Mexican Association for International Education, AC (AMPEI), signed by its two Presidents, Dr. Miguel Angel Castro Arroyo and Metro . Cesar Eduardo Gutierrez Jurado.

As explained by Dr. Salgado himself, the intention These agreements are to enhance academic cooperationscientific and cultural associations with these associations, as well as encouraging the exchange of students and teachers between the institutions that make up them.

At the same time, AUIP has made distinction for CUMex for its superior work of collaboration in the field of postgraduate studies, among the institutions that make up the Ibero-American knowledge space.

Similarly, Dr. Juan Eulogio Guerra Lira, former President of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa in 2013-2021 has distinguished; Ex-President of CUMEX, Ex-Secretary of ANUIES Noroeste and Ex-Vice-President of AUIP himself.

In another order of thoughts, Dr. Arturo Cherboske Lask, Executive Director of Santander Universities and General Director of the University of Mexico, held a conference to announce the scope and benefits of the scholarship program they offer, thanks to the close relationship they have maintained with them. universities for 25 years.

Finally, Dr. Carmen Vargas Macías, Vice Rector for Institutional Projection and Internationalization at the University of Seville, gave a presentation on the programme: “University of Seville, a door in Spain and Europe for Mexican universities“, where it provided various educational programs for undergraduates and graduates, in addition to their work to generate and apply knowledge.

It is worth noting that, during the meeting, there were a number of special guests, including Maria Chantal Pérez Hernandez, Director General of AUIP; Alejandro Miranda Ayala, Director General of the Council on Higher Education Accreditation, Dr. Encarnacion Milado Duran from the International University of Andalusia. and Felipe Fosses Sanchez, Executive Secretary of the Association of Ibero-American University Graduate Studies (AUIP).

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