U Fidélitas Postgraduate Center offers 35% scholarships and free fees

Scholarships apply to all MBAs, Masters and Masters until April 2

Magdalena Lopez

magdalenalopez.asesora@larepublica.net | Mon Mar 28 2022 at 10:45 am

Thinking of those professionals who need to continue their postgraduate studies, until April 2nd Fidélitas University will offer 35% special scholarships and free registration during the entire training process.

In addition, people belonging to other universities will be able to validate the materials at no cost.

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This is a great opportunity in times of great business challenges, new global dynamics and technological changes.

High-level and specialized education is an indispensable tool for maintaining a competitive image of employers in the country.

For this reason, the scholarships offered by the Fidélitas University Postgraduate Center for a limited time, are the boost many professionals need to be able to continue with an MBA in all disciplines, a PhD, a Master’s degree or a high-level professional update program such as High- tech Micro Master.

It also includes a specialization in Documentation and Registration Law and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health, to train lawyers and psychologists.

great opportunity

“The world is changing and that is why it is essential to have a higher academic level if we want to be valued professionals with better job prospects. For this reason, these 35% scholarships are the boost many need to get into a very prestigious professional elite. ,” said Adriana Monteleggeri, director of graduate programs at Fidelitas University.

For this year, it will be maintained via video conferencing; Montenegro explained that classes will be taught synchronously through Microsoft’s Teams platform, and students will call from their homes or workplaces, on days and times specified by their teachers.

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Find out what benefits professionals have when entering the Postgraduate Center of Fidélitas University:

  • Virtual CampusIt is a modern virtual environment for developing interactive activities, sharing documents and implementing practices with classmates and teachers. Each student has 1 TB of Microsoft One Drive storage and free access to all Microsoft Office 365 tools.
  • learning dynamics: Students take a topic every five weeks. In that time period the student concentrates on one course. Students receive eight hours of classes per week, and they are taught in two ways: four hours a day, two days a week, or eight hours on Saturdays.
  • STEM Methodology: This teaching methodology allows for comprehensive reinforcement of knowledge and learning with practical cases. Technical skills combined with other skills allow professionals to grow in leadership, positive team management and better time management.
  • simulationTechnology is an ally with these tools that reproduce business models and their private sector environments. The student develops a healthy competitive spirit and allows him to make decisions in various areas of business decisions.

5 reasons why you should get an MBA in times of crisis

Greater job opportunities
Having a major increases your chances of being selected for a high-level position.
Telecommunication network
In the MBA, you will surround yourself with high-level professionals, who will allow you to grow alliances and create new opportunities.
Driving skills
The MBA enhances your skills in decision-making, working under pressure and managing teams.
Job Qualification
You will gain the knowledge, skills and interpersonal skills needed to handle complex situations.
global vision
This major will give you the international insight that major corporations are seeking to lead their expansion.

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