Two organizations promoting specialized education will award scholarships and applying to one is very easy – Prensa Libre

The non-profit entities Funsepa and Platzi offer opportunities to young people with the ability to learn English online, as well as an interest in taking basic programming courses, through the “Tu Futuro+” programme.

Funsepa was founded in 2004, in memory of entrepreneur Sergio Pez Andrade, visionary, and promoter of technology and education for the sustainable development of Guatemala.

Considering the country’s challenges in linking the youth joining the job demand with formal job opportunities, they considered this initiative. The fact is that despite the large number of unemployed people in Guatemala who are looking to get a job, there are many companies that have vacancies, but they do not find applicants with the desired skills and preparations.

“The skills these young people acquire in the national education system do not necessarily match those required by companies looking for that talent they would like to employ,” says Salvador Paez, President of Funsepa.

Guatemala has more than 18,000 public primary schools, almost 90% of which do not have the resources for students to technically train.

Contributing to narrowing this gap is one of the goals of the “Tu Futuro +” programme, for which Funsepa, in alliance with Platzi, a platform offering more than 1,000 subject courses, will train young people who wish to undergo this process, for which they have up to 50 thousand scholarships.

“This is a scholarship exclusively for Guatemalans. So, the first thing we ask is that they have an identity document proving that they are. Minors can show a birth certificate,” notes Isabella Arevalo, representative of the Plazzi organization.

Tu Futuro+ can apply to young people who have the ability to learn English online. (Free press photo: Funsepa)

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Before September 30, the application deadline, it is necessary to have a computer or smartphone, connected to the Internet, to apply for the Learning Tracks.

Open an account with Platzy. Pass the Free Online English Strategies Course or Basic Programming Course and download the certificate that will be issued upon completion of one of the two free courses.

Next, sign up for the registration form and get a Personal Identification Document (DPI) for adults or a birth certificate for minors. Full information is available at

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