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Learn more about personal financing It is very important, because proper money management allows you to save, correctly distribute profits and even make profitable investments over time.

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In this sense, greetinga website dedicated to helping people with tax returns and other personal finance issues, offers more than 1000 scholarships for Colombians to learn how to manage their money, with the “Savings and Investing for Beginners” course“.

According to the company’s website, the course teaches how to save and make money through investing. It’s time to make your money work for you and make profits without putting in extra efforts, at Tributi we teach you how to make it happensays the site.

For his part, Simon Gonzalez, co-founder of the platform, explained in a statement that The training consists of three modules that will help people better understand how to manage their finances.

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“The first seeks to talk about the basics of savings and investing; then, on how to improve it, and finally we explain to users different types of investments such as CDTs, cooperatives, pooled mutual funds, voluntary pensions, state bonds, and others…and others,” he said.

Gonzalez also said that although saving has become a challenge after the pandemic, it is possible to gain the habit of saving and there are tools to make it happen, even if it’s at a minimum of 10% of your monthly salary or less.

The important thing to be able to implement the purpose of saving is to start with a brief diagnosis of financial resourcesThat is, you have to determine what my income is, what expenses I have, what debts I owe, and how I can pay them.”

Tributi’s co-founder added that diagnosing finances will allow “to see if we can cut unnecessary expenses, for example, and determine how much we can save so that this becomes a habit.”

To access the course, people just have to go to the Tributi website and register.

It should be noted that the platform also has training in financial planning and tax planning.

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