Tools not to miss the opportunity to train abroad

Having the opportunity to train abroad is increasingly crucial to entering the job market with guarantees. Within the current programs to promote student exchange, the Erasmus + He has a prominent position. Tools are being added to this consolidated project that will allow more and more young people to study for a period of time outside Spain with all the advantages that this entails.

As part of its strategy to adapt its scholarship program to current challenges, Banco Santander has promoted a new version of the scholarship program Santander Erasmus Scholarships, which seeks to promote equal opportunities and educational inclusion. The program aims to contribute to a more complete training of young people, recognition of educational excellence. Among those who have enjoyed this opportunity is Alvaro Salgado, a dual degree student in International Studies and Law at Carlos III in Madrid, who in the 2020/2021 academic year was able to study at University College London with the support of the entity.

The fourth edition of the Santander Erasmus Scholarships will award more than 2,100 scholarships and grants to those who need financial support to be able to study abroad, something that could be a crucial boost in their transition to the job market.

In total, Banco Santander has allocated More than 2000 million in the last 25 years To higher education, which has helped more than 630,000 students, professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs

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