To be able to apply for University of British Columbia offers

It opens a window of opportunity for young, English-speaking Colombian university students who wish to undertake their undergraduate studies abroad. The University of British Columbia (UBC) has opened a call for scholarships in Canada, which provides financial support to international students. Applications will close on December 1, 2021.

The program is called Vantage College and focuses on the social sciences and applied sciences. Additionally, it is divided into three categories: the Vantage One Excellence Award, the Vantage One International Major Scholarship (Imes) and the Vantage One Entrance Award.

As detailed on the University of British Columbia website, this group of scholarships in Canada is aimed at high school (high school) students who have recently graduated with the best academic performance in different parts of the world. The main requirement is that applicants are not residents or citizens of Canada. The second is to be a graduate of an academic or college preparatory program in a high school.

Likewise, they ask for the specific requirements of the category they are applying for, which is why it is necessary to consult Site From the university the selectors will review the acceptance rate, which is calculated in courses and academic exams for the past academic year.

Later , The University of British Columbia verifies that all prospective students must demonstrate high English language proficiency prior to admission. One of the most common ways is to submit the following tests:

TOEFLTOEFL Internet-based TOEFL score of at least 70, with a minimum score of 16.

IELTSA minimum IELTS score of 5.5 with a minimum score of 5.0 in Speaking and Listening, and 5.5 in Reading and Writing.

University of British Columbia for Academic Purposes (EAP)Completion of Level 400 in the English for Academic Purposes program at the University of British Columbia’s English Language Institute.

CAELA minimum overall score of 50 on the CAEL test, a minimum score of 40 on the Speaking subtest

The Migrant Connection web portal explains that the requirements for each course have certain eligibility criteria.

The Vantage One Excellence Award is awarded to students beginning their undergraduate studies in the UBC program of the same name. Thus, the value of each award depends on the financial need of the recipient. The scholarship is applied during the first year of study and may be renewed for the following three years, depending on the length of the applicant’s career. An annual committee reviews the academic average and financial need of scholarship students.

They also award an International Entry Scholarship to exceptional international students. who are attending undergraduate studies at UBC in the Vantage One program. The University specifies that in this way, scholarship recipients are automatically considered for this scholarship when they apply to a programme.

In addition, students receive the following financial support: About $85,000 if the scholarship is renewed and continued during the four years of the degree. During one year as a fellow, $25,000 in financial support is awarded. For the first two or four years as students, they give themselves $20,000 a year. In addition, these scholarships are renewable for up to three additional years of study.

last August, The University of Canada Western (UCW) has informed Colombians of how to access scholarships for this and other program.

The show took place in the framework of ExpoEstudios Bogotá, at the NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal Hotel, where the institution presented to Colombian students its educational offerings for undergraduate and graduate students.

Regarding the target group in Colombia, UCW Associate Director Rafael Minoro said they are looking for talented young people who have graduated from high school for undergraduate and professional students, with an outstanding academic record and certified English language proficiency.

According to Global Connection, Canada has become one of the preferred study destinations due to several factors, among which are bilingual communication (English and French), quality of education, prices and scholarships, and moderate cost of living, among others.

In addition, in recent months, there have been changes in regulations regarding foreign students and an increase in the number of scholarships, since The Canadian government has raised the budget for funding scholarship programs for students to C$9 billion (about US$6 billion).

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