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This will be the first time in the municipality that this feature will be introduced in an organized and permanent way for those competing in different disciplines.

A successful meeting was held by the Mayor of Tierra Amarilla, Cristóbal Zúñiga, together with prominent athletes from the municipality and their families to present the scholarship regulations that the municipality is working on in order to allocate a fixed annual amount to each person selected monthly for the development of their specialty.

The benefit will be for athletes of all ages from 13, who have lived in Tierra Amarilla for more than three years, from Federal majors and must submit a letter of appreciation from their club, among other requirements.

In this regard, the mayor of Tierra Amarilla, Cristóbal Zúñiga, stated: “We have made a presentation to the athletes of the municipality of the regulations for sports scholarships that we will begin to offer for the first time in history by the municipality to our athletes who have a proven track record and today more than ever. They and their families went to need our support.”

Mayor Cristóbal Zúñiga added: “They are at risk of representing our community, and we as a community have to support them and give them adequate support so that they can continue to practice their sport in the various disciplines practiced by our young athletes.”

For his part, one of the attendees at the meeting, Judoka Bastian Zepeda, noted: “I think it is excellent, it is a very good help for the expenses of food, gym, travel and other expenses that we incur when playing sports. It is a competitive sport. It is very important to have this support So that young people can fulfill their dream by playing the sports they love so much.”

While Karen Salazar, a resident of Tierra Amarilla and the mother of Matias Caceres Salazar, a student of Colo Colo, “is now in Santiago, in Colo Colo, fighting every day to stay there because this is a battle between everyone daily training, being away from family and money, and that is why you will be This scholarship for us is a drop of heaven, and it would be great if it could be expanded to include more Tierra Amarilla athletes so they can go out to perform elsewhere and fulfill their dreams,” he said enthusiastically.

“With this we will improve the last details of this regulation that we have seen with the athletes for its subsequent passage by the municipal council to obtain the approval of the esteemed municipal council that has shown great interest in this matter, and in which we trust that this will be a complete success and underscores our commitment to sport in our community,” Mayor Cristóbal Zúñiga explained.

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