This is the most important news of January 19, 2022

Organization of American States (OAS)OAS) today approved a resolution condemning the visit of the Iranian official Mohsen Rezaei In Nicaragua, and urges Member States to respect the International Police (Interpol) Red Alerts in connection with the attack on the Israeli community in Argentina, which occurred in 1994, in which the Iranian allegedly participated.

The case was taken up by the Permanent Council, at the request of Argentina and with the support of the United States, after the controversy unleashed the presence of the alleged terrorist in Managua.

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Daniel Ortega’s regime was “surprised” by the refusal of his “special guest” and justified his friendship with Iran and its official, claiming that “Nicaragua is a sovereign country.”

The Sandinista National Assembly revoked the legal status of three other NGOs in Nicaragua, at the request of Daniel Ortega’s regime. Outlaw organizations are Agricultural University Association in the Fifth DistrictThe Jinotega University Associationand the Campus Foundation of the Mobile University of Latin America (Fomlak).

With this cancellation, the system adds 64 civil non-profit organizations banned since December 2018. The Department of the Interior has also canceled the registration of three US NGOs and three European organizations.

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The National Council of Universities (NCU)CNU), close to the system, drastically reduced the economic allocation granted to CAM (california stThe Catholic University of the Dry TropicsOkatse), which was scaled back after the 2018 social protests, in which university students participated. For this year 2022, CNU has decided to allocate only one million cordoba to each of the more than 5 thousand and 500 million cordoba, representing 6% of the general budget of the Republic.

Due to CNU’s scale, per system, UCA had to award fewer new scholarships and offer a volunteer work retirement plan for employees.

The regime dismissed its advisor in consular and administrative functions from the Nicaraguan Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium, headquartered in Brussels. Previously held the position Carlos F. Christian Lucaswho has held the position since 2019. The dismissal was announced through a ministerial agreement published in La Gaceta newspaper.

In turn, through two presidential agreements, Daniel Ortega suspended the ban on cutting, harvesting, transporting and marketing pines, royal cedars and bushots. Ortega gave permission throughout the national territory for a period of two years, which could be extended, including pine cuttings in protected areas.

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The retired first commissioner passed away Edwin LambEx-chief of the National Police in the period 2001-2006 The news was confirmed Wednesday morning by state media. According to the ruling party, Cordero, 70, died at Carlos Roberto Huembes Hospital from pneumonia.

The former director of the institution is remembered for his controversial revelations during his leadership, in which he admitted that the police had paid informants with the seized drugs and accepted that there was corruption inside. In 2019, he was honored by Daniel Ortega’s regime police. Death occurs in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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