This is how Cincinnati Public School surprised hundreds of students with scholarships | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

Jesse: School received aBig surprise for parents andthe students. Scholarships have been awardedStudents who tooThey will definitely give youGreat economic relief for thisfamily knows a lotdeserve. was able to share withThey have these moments of joyThis morning. Apparently they hadOther schools that canYou have this same surprise.good morningIt’s here good morning fromIn fact, Benito Garris is one of theFive schools where they will beReceive this scholarship, wherefor these studentsThat they can go to university.Only this morning more than4000 studentsBenito Jarrez High SchoolHe received his best newslife times. Collage scholarshipThis will help you choose a fileObjectives and ability to continue studyingAfter graduating from high schoolthe school. This scholarship provideschance to changeuphill with trackwhich they dreamed of. that itAccording to a study conductedThe ninth graders were surveyedThey said they could go toengraving. Only 27% of themThey only count this bonusThese students can helpto eliminate this gap.Only the scholarship awardedThanks to organizations withoutto take profitContribute $1,000,000,000 in scholarshipsFor students and parentsfamily toorecipient of this grant.We talked to the chiefChicago Public School andwith the mother of the familyHe has two kids in this schoolpreparatory. In fact, it happenedAccount for this ad. TheAdvertised in English andI did not understand know bUniversity of Chicago News.Let’s listen.My daughter. It’s the first time this has been doneHe received one of these awards.What does one like to go out?go ahead. We hope to continueAll children. Not just meDaughter, there are more children whoThey need.[aplausos][sonido ambiente]Exactly, he mentioned itIn fact, until tomorrowFriday more than 1000 studentsThey are receiving this scholarshipSo that they can go toCollege. until theInformation.

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