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They will launch a new invitation for Beca Emprende – Diario de Querétaro

In the next few days, the call will be launched for the second phase of the “Beca Emprende” program promoted by local MP Manuel Pozo Cabrera, through which scholarships are awarded to women to study high school or obtain a degree online.

The legislator noted in an interview that during the first phase, 70 women from District Two were registered to enroll in both educational levels at the Embrindi Institute, which awards degrees in Law, Business Administration, Business and International Trade.

“At this time we have approximately 70 women enrolled between our undergraduate and junior high programs and we have already received some other applications that we will be opening again in the second half of April specifically to receive them,” she said.

Pozo Cabrera indicated that 300 women are set to benefit from the second district, which consists of neighborhoods such as Carrillo, El Tenero, El Rocio, Sauce, Santa Maria Magdalena, Puerta del Sol, Rancho San Pedro, San Pedro Martír, and others.

“We expected this program to be capable of up to 300 women, in this first phase, 70 women entered and we would eventually be able to grow above 300 women, but first we would have to give it a try. The experience has been very good.”

The legislator explained that the majority of those who enter secondary school are between 50 and 60 years old and have little knowledge of digital tools, so they study with the support of staff from the House of Culture in El Teneiro, where they are given advice on the face in a confrontational manner.

“This program is for a high school or a distance modeling degree, which is the way this educational institution and at the end of the alternate day we offer them, because we were aware that there were women who were not used much in terms of technology. We found the solution through this agreement with the municipality Queretaro,” he said.

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