They seek scholarships for 113 young men to become police officers and then take care of Santander

In this regard, the Minister of the Interior of Santander, John Jaime Ruiz, stated that after this week’s visit to the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, “We have reached agreements on strategic plans by which we seek to expand and improve our force base and our military infrastructure as we are looking at in how to put public power to the fore through technology.”

Ruiz Macías explained that one of the main projects discussed at the meeting is “113 scholarships for talented young people who can train as policemen and when they finish their studies as patrolmen, they will work within the Santander department.”

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“The idea of ​​the governor’s office is to provide this care to these boys, who often for economic reasons don’t have access to the police, and that they come to augment the strength of the force that we have,” the official said.

The Minister of the Interior explained that no matter where they are trained as police officers in the country, “the obligation is for them to remain in Santander and to be sent to places in the region where they are requested.”

For his part, Defense Minister Diego Molano stated that “the commitment with Santander and the work done is to focus on efforts to ensure more and better security for the people of Santander.”

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Molano added that “we will also analyze infrastructure projects to enhance our military capacity and presence and support security in the Bucaramanga metropolitan area and on farms equipped with technology, so that there are safer farms in management.”

The project is expected to become viable before the end of this year.

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