They offer scholarships for Colombians to study a master’s degree in foreign universities

The The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology offers scholarships for Colombians to access higher education abroad. It is a funding of up to 90% for a master’s study.

The initiative is calledticket to the future The government announced that it had $24,000 million available for investment in education.

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This is the new registration stage opened by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the framework of this call that 1,952 Colombians are currently studying at about 55 universities in the country.

Where and when to register for TICket for the Future:

Registration will be open until May 29th and those interested in applying to the call should submit requirements through ICETEX On this link

According to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the master’s degrees to which the call applies relate to Cyber ​​Security, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Cities, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, Robotics, 3D and 4D Printing, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Application of New Technologies other sectors of the economy.

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